Mon premier investissement avec Lydia

Your first investment with Lydia

There is a first time for everything. And every first time involves a risk.

If these are your first steps (the fall), your first kiss (the rake), your first ski tour (the fall, again) or your first real estate purchase, there is a risk.

But a risk is taken. Be brave (kiss her), and do your research (read this article).

How much to invest?

Do you know the 50/20/30 rule?

It’s a simple budget rule:

50% of your income should be spent on your basic needs. Your accommodation, your taxes, your insurance, your travels, some of your food.

20% of your income should be saved or invested. Or both.

30% of your income dedicated to your desires, your desires. The sport. The cinema. Part of your diet (bread is part of the vital needs, cookies with extra dark chocolate chips are part of your wishes)

Were you able to calculate your 20%?

Very good. Now it’s up to you to decide.

You can save everything, but it is difficult to find profitability with high inflation.

You can save part on a risk-free investment, which you can use at any time in case of unexpected events: unemployment, accident and invest the rest.

Or you can invest everything: in companies *, cryptocurrencies, metals or ETFs (in English Exchange Traded Funds, a product that includes shares of different companies to allow you to invest in multiple companies at the same time) *. We offer over a thousand assets on Lydia.

Even if this 20% represents only a small amount, you can, with Lydia, invest from 1 €. Only.

Return on investment

An investment is not like a bet on horseback: money doesn’t gallop.

But like a race, an investment is planned in the medium, even long term. The return on investment is rarely immediate.

On the other hand, it is wise to base your investment on a life plan. Go around the world. Start a family. Buy real estate.

Upon launching this project, you will be able to get back the invested amount and its small (if there is).

As with Lydia, you can resell your assets whenever you want, instantly, 24 hours a day, you can go around the world overnight. Wish you.

What to invest in?

Don’t count on us to tell you. Furthermore, we have no legal right to do so.

We have created the Lydia trading service so that everyone can invest as they see fit, with ease.

However, we can give you two tips for your first investment: invest in what looks like you, in what makes you happy. You will follow your investment with much more pleasure and interest. You can invest in a service that you use every day, in a cryptocurrency that you have learned or in an index that matches your worldview, which makes sense to you.

What risk to take?

The investment is comparable to a walk in the mountains. There will always be a risk. But you can prepare yourself for it. With the right gear, then the right gauges to look at. And with the right know-how: the right readings.

Start by measuring the risk you are taking. For example, if you choose to invest in cryptocurrency, check the volatility: it is the measure of the amplitude of changes in an asset. It is calculated over a specific period and therefore makes it possible to assess the regularity of changes in the value of the asset.

Ready to get started?

And if you need more advice, there are many specialists who share their know-how, for newsletterOn instagram Or up tick tock.

* Fractional investments in companies and ETFs are permitted by derivative contracts that track underlying stocks or ETFs

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