Faites de Lydia votre compte courant

Why make Lydia his checking account

Yes, you read that correctly. You can use Lydia as a checking account (we also warmly encourage you). Lydia is an application to simplify all your money.

With a French IBAN receive salary or pay bills (electricity, Internet provider, etc.) e a map for your daily payments.

Lydia then does exactly the same thing as your bank and hopefully better.

A checking account …

A checking account is not necessarily the account from which you receive your salary or income.

It is above all the account that feeds your means of payment every day. The card you draw first to pay for your baguette, the restaurant, the cinema …

Like most of us, you have not really chosen your bank, nor the checking account, nor the card and application that come with it.

Still, you should! After all, it’s your money.

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork, here’s why we think you should choose Lydia, without necessarily switching banks.

5 good reasons to use Lydia as a checking account

There are words – values ​​- that continually emerge from us: transparency, safety, simplicity, autonomy and pleasure.


With a classic payment card, you have to wait a few days for the transaction to appear in your history. A bit complicated to navigate and do the math, especially if you use your card often. When you use Lydia to pay, the transaction is instant, you can find it immediately in your history and then follow your budget in real time.


Many people don’t want to use their credit card number on the Internet. They are right, then the number of pirated cards each year in France it’s important.
This is why Lydia offers its users internet maps. For each of your online transactions, it generates new card numbers – different from your main card – which it does protected.


With Lydia you can open all the current accounts you want, for all your needs. A account for two for your couple, a group account to go on vacation with friends, a kitten for a birthday, a piggy bank to set aside for a project you care about, etc.

Open and close an account in one clickand distribute it with a gesture, as you wish.


Stay in control at all times. Gone are the days when you had to contact your banker to block your card because you lost it. (Un) block your map in one click from the application? In Lydia, this is a basic feature. You can also setting up online payments, payments abroad, contactless mobile payments and ATM withdrawals.


Did you know that you can take advantage of discounts on a selection of major brands, automatically? Furthermore, with Lidia Roulette, every 1,000 payments (all users combined) a transaction is taken and refunded. One in a thousand. It’s a lot. And every payment becomes a game.


By opening your bank’s application you access the history of your expenses: a series of cold and barbaric numbers and terms that must be deciphered. Like an accounting book. Anxiety limit, right?

By opening Lydia, you’ll have access to your history as well, but that’s it clear and customizable content almost make it your new diary. You will really see where you have spent and, more importantly, what you have done. Thus, “Dupont Fleuriste” can become “💐 for mom” and “IZT * Pizz & co”> “Resto avec ❤️”.

In a few weeks we will also offer you to add a photo to each transaction if you wish. So that an application has thought for you simplify money actually turns into YOUR current accountone in which each transaction, instead of being a simple amount or an absurd sequence of figures, becomes a beautiful memory.

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