What is pension insurance?  Definition

What is pension insurance? Definition

How the benefits of social schemes are limited and even limited, there are contracts that make it possible to offer guarantees to cover the physical consequences of an illness or injury. These are the social security insurance. We discover in this topic, through the definitions, the various guarantees of death, total or partial permanent disability, total or partial temporary disability.

The guarantees in the event of death from the pension insurance

In this type of guarantee, the insurer pays the designated beneficiary or, failing that, to the heirs of the insured, in the form of a lump sum or an annuity, the indemnity provided for in the contract following the guaranteed death of the insured. It is therefore a guarantee that allows dependents, in particular, to finance urgent expenses and plan for the years to come.

  • The guaranteed events are as follows;
  • Coverage in the event of death can be granted for both illness and injury, in France and abroad, generally for stays of less than 90 days;

Similar to deaththe absolute and permanent disability and the total and irreversible loss of autonomy provide for the payment and the death benefit if the insured is totally disabled and his condition requires the assistance of a third party, equal to the third category of Social Security.

Permanent total or partial disability (IPT / IPP)

In case of permanent total or partial disability, the insurer pays the consolidated policyholder, in a lump sum or in an annuity, the indemnity provided for in the stipulated contract. The amount takes into account the degree of disability. Here the guaranteed event can be granted for both illness and accident with the same provisions as the coverage in the event of death. If the amount is simple to determine, it is more difficult for a freelancer. It depends in particular on the future of the insured person’s business.

To calculate your monthly income, you must deduct:

  • o the cost of an employee performing the same duties;
  • or the loss of regular income if the business were to cease completely following the disaster.

Temporary total or partial disability (ITT / ITP)

In this type of contract, the insurer pays the daily allowance provided for in the contract for the actual expected duration. Coverage can also be granted for illness and accident, in France and abroad where the length of stay is less than 90 days. Please note that the insurer may request that coverage abroad be subject to hospitalization, in the absence of the possibility of control.

Note that for the guaranteed amount, it is possible to have franchise options. Depending on the needs, it is therefore sometimes possible to pay an amount for a limited period regardless of the usual calculations for an employee or self-employed person (see above); This is interesting enough for the liberal professions in particular. The duration of the compensation is often limited to one year, but can go up to 1095 days to match coverage under the general scheme.

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