What are the specificities of insurance for public employees?

What are the specificities of insurance for public employees?

When you study insurance and mutual aid offers, whether they cover a vehicle, your home, your health or any other risk, you quickly realize that some of them are designed specifically for civil servants. How to explain these formulas? What distinguishes them from other insurance contracts? Let’s take stock in this article.

The state creates conditions different from the private

In reality, there is not one, but several reasons for insurance companies to offer different offers. The first and foremost is related to the status of civil servants. Working conditions are not regulated in the same way as in the private sector. This affects the proposed formulas.

The second relates to negotiation. Since civil servants represent a large mass of workers, they have historically been able to negotiate various advantageous offers with mutual groups, or even, more often, create their own mutuals.

No compulsory health insurance

One of the main reasons is that there is no statutory health insurance for civil servants, unlike private sector employees. As a result, the different branches of the public service have each created their own mutual health insurance over time. For example, we have the MGEN for national education, the MNH for public hospital service or the MGP for police officers. Each of these insurances is specially designed to effectively protect the operations it covers at affordable rates. This harmonization is possible thanks to the mass of people sharing the same working conditions.

Professional insurance for public service works

Some public service activities carry very specific levels of risk that require adequate coverage. Let us immediately think, for example, of health insurance in the defense or public security sector (police, etc.). These public employees, due to their professional activity, may be exposed to specific risks which are subject to adequate coverage.

Public accountants can also be mentioned who, unlike their private counterparts, can be held accountable for cash errors. They have specific insurance for this, like the one offered by MFA insurance.

Guaranteed income

Public employees have another specificity with respect to the private sector that can have an impact on the mortgage and insurance offers offered to them:

Their regular salary and income in the public service eliminates an important risk factor that mutual societies usually place in their rates. The insurance company has a much higher level of confidence in the ability to pay of this population than the private sector, which is much more sensitive to the vagaries of the economic situation and the risks of unemployment.

For this reason, many companies are able to offer insurance offers for more advantageous mortgages than those generally found in the private sector.

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