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What are the different types of computer maintenance?

Computer maintenance is an essential tool for the good health of your business. It guarantees the correct functioning of the equipment on which you work (computer, server, printer, etc.)

Computer maintenance often requires you to go to a service provider who may be inside or outside your company. Do not hesitate to request a IT maintenance freelance provider on!

There are many types of computer maintenance. We help you take stock to choose the best solution.

What is computer maintenance?

PC computer maintenance

Computer maintenance refers to the operations by which an operator or service provider acts on the user’s computer equipment, such as computers, printers and any other tools necessary for the productivity of their teams, to keep them in good condition.

Depending on the type of computer maintenance you choose, your service provider may work to develop better solutions to improve the quality of your employees’ work and the effectiveness of the actions they perform.

Computer maintenance therefore responds to several objectives that aim to protect your work tools to preserve their performance, update your computer system to remain competitive and, finally, improve your working comfort by correcting any faults detected on your computer equipment.

Generally, computer maintenance is done through time-based actions that aim to maintain your equipment on an ordinary basis. However, specific actions may be required to take urgent action on identified failures in order to prevent security breaches and possible data leaks.

There are three main types of computer maintenance which we will describe in detail below. If each type of maintenance aims to carry out specific actions, we can consider that they are completely complementary as they each act on a different field of your IT fleet.

The different types of computer maintenance.

Computer preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive computer maintenance is intended, as the name suggests, to carry out preventive actions on a daily or at least very routine basis to ensure the optimal functioning of your company’s computer system and prevent problems from appearing before damage occurs.

Preventive maintenance is therefore composed of several measures which are mainly updating the operating system, running cleaning programs for computers and software, installing firewalls to ensure network maintenance or even a clock to search for viruses and malicious software that may be installed on your equipment.

Preventive computer maintenance also aims to ensure that none of the data contained in the user’s equipment is compromised. The service provider you have chosen to perform preventative computer maintenance of your computer system may therefore be required to make backups of important files and advise you to invest in external hard drives or database servers that will act as backups in case of problems.

Preventive computer maintenance is therefore performed in defined times, which are often established in advance on the advice of your service provider based on the operating system used, the number of computers and printers in your IT fleet and the nature of your business: personal data that can be collected on an online sales site requires, for example, reliable security programs that do not compromise the trust your customers can place in you.

In fact, if a security breach leads to the leak of this data, your company’s reputation is at stake, and therefore its sustainability. In this case, preventative computer maintenance works as a security that allows you to focus on the daily activities of your business and carry out your business with peace of mind.

Corrective maintenance of the computer.

Corrective maintenance

Preventive computer maintenance is often associated with corrective maintenance, which allows you to repair a hardware failure or take action if a security breach or virus is detected on one of the server’s client computers.

This type of maintenance is often performed on an ad hoc basis by the service provider providing preventative maintenance for your computer system. It is interesting to entrust this type of maintenance to service providers who regularly intervene on IT equipment because they know the details of your business, the deadlines you face and the challenges that define your daily work.

It therefore knows what data is of fundamental importance, within what timeframe it should intervene so that the IT sanction is not harmful to your company, and can then restore the system so that it is operational as quickly as possible.

The IT corrective maintenance technician therefore acts urgently and often has considerable experience in his field, which allows him to quickly diagnose problems encountered by your IT system in order to set up a quick, efficient and reliable corrective maintenance action plan in the long period.

Scalable computer maintenance.

Scalable computer maintenance also takes place on a regular basis, as its purpose is to develop your computer system so that it is increasingly efficient and competitive in order to ensure a comfortable quality of work for your employees.

This type of maintenance requires the intervention of a service provider who has excellent experience in this sector and an excellent knowledge of the operating system on which you work on a daily basis.

The service provider, in fact, must have a perfect knowledge of the software and tools you already use to think about the solutions that allow you to optimize them to work better, faster and above all more efficiently.

This type of maintenance is me aware in small and medium-sized businesses as preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance. Often its interest is much less recognized as it does not aim to solve problems or prevent failures that have already been encountered and hinder daily work.

However, we are increasingly encountering evolutionary maintenance. This corresponds to a change in the priorities of companies, to a better consideration of the quality of work of employees and to the search for better productivity by focusing on comfort and investment in high-performance tools.

When evolutionary maintenance is set up after several years of a company’s existence, it is often necessary to think about the installation of new equipment to replace a fleet that is sometimes too old, but also to update the working software that will improve the performance of the IT tools on you are working on.

Evolutionary maintenance providers therefore work in different ways: they intervene promptly to offer you a more advantageous solution than the one you already have, but which remains interesting enough and does not require urgent changes, but they can also intervene in the form of a rehabilitation project for your computer equipment.

In this second scenario, they search for the IT equipment that best suits the needs of your company, reinstall the chosen operating system on these computers, update the drivers and software that allow your computers to work, establish solutions to improve the network and connection level. Internet as you reflect on a plan to secure your equipment that allows you to work peacefully and avoid having to resort to corrective maintenance too often.

Our advice for choosing the right computer maintenance formula.

Computer maintenance is therefore essential to keep your business healthy and to ensure that you work efficiently on your computer tools on a daily basis. The recent recognition of the importance for their employees to work on convenient and easy-to-use tools leads to more frequent use of progressive maintenance, rather than limited to preventive or corrective maintenance actions.

Choosing the service provider is an important step in setting up your computer maintenance plan because you need to be able to trust them to intervene when you need them.

You can then choose to rely on a company or freelancer whose mission is to achieve your goals independently and whose missions are often more flexible than those of a service provider in a company. allows you to get in touch with qualified freelancers who will help you think about your computer maintenance goals and can make themselves available in case of need, failure, and sometimes even provide a standby system for the computer maintenance of your business tools no no longer a problem.

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