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What accidents and incidents are covered by car insurance?

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Some types of accidents or incidents are not covered by insurance. On this, you will probably find it difficult to know the types of damages covered by your insurance. To help you better with this dilemma, here are the different types of accidents and accidents covered by auto insurance.

vandalism theft auto insurance

If your car is stolen, you must report the loss within 24 hours to the gendarmerie or police and within 48 hours to your insurance. The authorities then hand you a claim certificate which you send directly by registered letter to your insurer. With that, you have two options. First, if the police find your car within 30 days, you can get it back and your insurer will reimburse you for the repair costs. Second, if your car is lost forever, your insurer reimburses its value determined by an expert.

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The broken ice

In case of glass breakage or breakage, your car insurance offers you the optional guarantee called “glass breakage”. Upon this, you have 5 days to report the loss to your insurer in order to obtain compensation. This is usually done by paying a deductible. The warranty is valid for all windows from rear view mirror to windshield. The amount of the compensation is not the same, in this case you have to check the clauses of your contract. Furthermore, the “glass breakage” guarantee is totally exclusive, that is: if someone breaks the passenger window of your car to steal your forgotten mobile phone on the seat, the accident will therefore be qualified as “theft”. . In this case the guarantee is immediately void.

The fire accident

The optional fire guarantee only works if you have not made a prior declaration to the authorities. In this case, you have 5 days to report the accident to your insurer by sending them a copy of the report certificate. The compensation therefore strongly depends on the level of coverage indicated in the contract. If your insurance is all-risk, your car will be reimbursed based on its value estimated by an industry professional. It is important to know that the warranty excludes the type of fire caused by your fault.

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