Voila: our BU comparison calculator is here!

Voila: our BU comparison calculator is here!

Here it is, our price comparison for disability insurance (BU). With over 50 rates from up to 28 suppliers. Transparent, usable anonymously and with immediate results.

BU comparison calculator

Good things come to those who wait, as they say. And so we are very happy and even a little proud of our BU calculator. 🙂

Because those who deal with disability insurance naturally want to know how much such a contract costs. Maybe even how it affects you if you take out insurance for a year more or less.

Many want to know how the guaranteed pension increase (performance dynamics) affects the contribution. Or if it is cheaper to insure yourself as a student. Does the premium change if you insure only three months or two months retroactively?

Now you can find out all this with our BU calculator, with a calculation for up to 28 suppliers.

How large the price differences between suppliers are sometimes amazes us again and again. But we also know:

You should never decide which is perhaps the most important insurance of your life based on price alone.

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Making it easy isn’t that easy

The calculation of BU insurance contributions is far from simple: many factors play a role. For example, various details of your job, yours BMI, but also sports classified as risky and pre-existing conditions. No BU comparator can take all these factors into account.

We wanted a calculator that you can use easily, even as a layman, and that will quickly give you a rough overview.

It is therefore possible that the contributions displayed are still subject to change.

To get exact values, use ours competent advice. Often there is one anonymous preliminary risk investigation sensible. This way you can find out how insurers actually insure you before you’ve even signed an application.

disability insurance?  Helberg!  Satisfied customers, uninterrupted protection, reliable payments, 99.9% contract acceptance, continuous service: BU quality made by Helberg
What’s better than a good BU calculator? Competent advice and continuous service.

Transparency is important to us

For years we have been documenting how many active Disability insurance As far as we know, there are 67 in Germany. We can take out BU insurance with 40 of these insurers. Of these, up to 28 suppliers are currently included in our BU calculator.

While some other BU comparison calculators seem to have more or less non-transparent factors for the order of bids, our BU calculator always has a crystal clear sorting sequence: based on the guaranteed contribution amount. If you wish, you can also sort by premium payable, insurer name, and more. Always transparent.

Also, it can happen for a variety of reasons that a rate cannot be calculated. We also present it transparently – you can simply read it at the bottom of the results list.

Have fun with our new BU calculator!

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