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Veterinary website creation: 3 specialized service providers

Are you opening your own veterinary office or do you want to develop your business? Opening a website allows you to increase the visibility of your business and offer many services to your customers.

For greater ease and better organization, develop a website in your image with tools for making appointments. The creating a website it is an important issue for many companies in order to attract customers.

Find out how to anticipate the creation of the website of your veterinary clinic in order to develop your visibility on the internet to give confidence to your customers.

If your customers often look for your address, your hours or your phone number to make an appointment for a consultation, they also look for advice and information to learn about your services.

The specifics of a website for veterinarians

Veterinary site

A website should be a showcase for your business, but that’s not all. As a vet, you definitely have the ambition to grow your business by leveraging a smart digital presence. This is why it is essential to offer practical tools that allow your clients to make an appointment easily or to benefit from advice on the need for advice.

The website of a veterinary practice must allow you to find some important elements, such as:

  • the type of services offered,
  • animals looked after,
  • the opening hours of your office,

For even more convenience, you can choose to indicate the contact details of the veterinary emergency services in case your practice is closed for certain periods.

Today, the primary way to make an appointment is online. If we see it with the websites of the doctors’ offices, the offer is also highly developed for all types of professions, including veterinary practices. Clients are now looking for convenience and ease in making appointments and finding the nearest veterinary office.

Thanks to the verified opinions that you can post on your veterinary office website (if you wish), then it is possible for your new clients to choose your facility for the quality of care and services provided. It is a reassuring element that plays an important role in the attractiveness of your company.

It is therefore of fundamental importance create a website just like your vet’s office. More than a showcase, it is a working tool and an interface between you and your customers, a way to create a link and reassure the owners of the animals you will take care of.

There are many service providers who can create a website in your image.

3 solutions to create a veterinary website

encoder is a practical platform as it allows you to quickly get many quotes from freelance web developer specialized.

The principle is simple: you have to register to submit a project for free. Subsequently, your request is published and freelancers can offer you quotes indicating a price and an estimate of the time required to complete your order.

Then it’s up to you to choose: you can compare the prices, the solutions offered … It’s up to you to select the freelancer with the profile that you think best suits your needs. is one of the leading platforms for connecting clients / freelancers, with a free and non-binding service. is a service provider that specializes in creating showcase websites for veterinary clinics. By using this service provider, you will benefit from a comprehensive service that includes assistance in drafting your brief to understand your needs and the development of a 100% personalized and responsive site for the most enjoyable customer experience possible. Get a powerful website.

The prices offered by the service provider start at 1400 euros and can increase depending on the complexity of the content to be integrated and the number of pages and tools desired. Therefore, there is a subscription of 30 euros per month to cover the costs of hosting the site on the CMS platform.

Geoffrey Leduc

Geoffrey Leduc is another provider who specializes in creating a showcase site for your veterinary clinic. More expensive, the service provider also offers a complete service offering and in a relatively short time since your site is 100% up and running within two weeks.

For the price offered, you also benefit from two-hour training to get started with your new online showcase, as well as 7 days a week assistance if you run into any problems.

Our advice for creating a veterinary website

To create a veterinary website, it is important to find the web developer who understands your needs and the image of your practice.

Your customers must be able to perceive your touch, your visual and graphic identity. For this, the work of the chosen freelancer will be based on the items you send him.

Do not hesitate to submit your project for free on to get clear quotes at the best price from our freelance web developers. You will get a high performing website that reflects your practice.

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