Travel insurance for seniors - AVA Assurance Voyage Assistance

Travel insurance for seniors – AVA Assurance Voyage Assistance

Insurance for a peaceful tourist trip

You already know all the advantages of taking out travel insurance: benefit from direct coverage or reimbursement of your medical expenses abroad and rely on numerous assistance guarantees that save your life and your savings while traveling.

Whether you are 60 or 100, you will find many employment contracts at insurance for seniors suitable for different travel types and travel styles. Below we provide you with all the information about our contracts:


Casual traveler? This contract is made for you!

This offer covers your medical expenses abroad, at 100% of the actual costs, with a maximum limit of € 500,000, provides assistance with repatriation, civil liability and insurance of your luggage during transport. Priced at € 23 and with no age limit, this contract is the ideal travel insurance for seniors.

L’AVA PASS includes special COVID-19 guarantees, such as coverage of medical bills in the event of an infection and post-quarantine accommodation costs. The insurance certificate mentioning these coverages is available at the time of subscription.


This contract insures you all year round and during all your stays. Exhaustive, theADVANTAGES 360 covers cancellation fees both in France and abroad.

Including, inter alia, the payment of quarantine costs in a foreign country, the theft of baggage or even the delay of an aircraft, this contract toNot age limit 80 years for a contract of 159 euros, profitable from the 2nd trip.


Do you like to get out of your comfort zone, experience emotions and discover new sports? Because your health is our priority that offers you AVA ADVENTURE HEALTH CARD ideal for a short stay full of intensity.

This offer costs only € 1.5 / day and can be taken out for up to 70 years.

Travel insurance for seniors on business trips

And if you are looking for senior travel insurance during your business trips, we recommend:


The Company health card it is ideal for a short professional stay abroad.

Starting at € 5 / day for children under 75, this senior travel insurance offers the necessary guarantees for business travel, in particular the payment of medical expenses, repatriation assistance and liability insurance.


Whether for a short or long term stay, this contract is ideal for your business travel abroad. L’AVA PASS PRO covers your medical expenses abroad, anticipates the costs of hospitalization, theft and loss of luggage, not to mention flight delays.

Starting at € 40, this insurance has no age limit.

Simple and effective, come on AVA.COM the quote is free and the certificate is available upon subscription.

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