Le trading lance des collections

Trading tidies up his room

Imagine a dressing room. A huge dressing room. With over 1,000 items of clothing. Tops. Stockings. Coats. Wool. Silk. Cotton. Colors.

And nothing is ordered. All the clothes are there, on a hanger. But it is not sorted by color, material or use.

Let’s fix it.

More than 1,000 resources on Lydia

Lidia is the commercial cabinet. More than 1,000 active people wait in silence on their hanger in the application, regardless of whether you invest in it.

There are cryptocurrencies (the equivalent of designer pieces), precious metals (like a good anti-puncture wool coat). But also companies and ETFs (mix and match wardrobe).

Until today, we had decided to introduce them to you by alphabetical order. Which is neat, of course. But imagine a locker room that we put in alphabetical order: it doesn’t make much sense. First the socks, then the shirts, then the dresses. Ah but the costumes, wait, it’s also a jacket… so is it okay at the end or at the beginning?


It’s time to find a filing system.

Lydia creates collections

From cryptocurrencies, some have for example a large capital letter. It is an important indicator. This means that, on the whole, the market trusts them. This is the case with Bitcoin and Ethereum, for example. And this can give rise to a category of cryptocurrencies: those with MarketCap (the other capital letter name) tall.

Among the companies there are those who pay dividends. Others don’t. And it’s good enough to know before investing.

Some are French. Other Europeans. Still others come from the other side of the Atlantic. Or even across the Pacific.

We can therefore bring together some companies under the same category location, to make your choice easier.

We can invest in technology, sustainable energy, beauty, travel, entertainment.

In short, we can invest in what we do, or what we are, provided you know where it is stored.

Collected every 15 days

Every two weeks you will find new collections in your trading space: we will group assets that have one thing in common for you, to make your choice easier.

American companies (born in the USA), products you use every day (Netflix, Colgate …), Asian companies, specific cryptocurrencies …
You will no longer have problems choosing the right dress the good good: (re) discover trading according to Lydia.

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