Lydia introduit le trading entre amis

Trade with Lydia’s friends

That’s it: you are embarking trade with Lidia. And you could really use some advice. We warn you immediately: do not count on us.

Not that we don’t want to help you, huh. It is simply that as a trading platform, the law prohibits us from providing investment advice and requires us to be absolutely neutral. We propose, you dispose of.

Family, friends, colleagues …

However, when we start a new activity (gym, cooking class, bikram yoga…), it is always nice to have someone who advises us, guides us.

Ideally a relative, family, friends. So, we motivate each other, we support each other in case of failure, we challenge each other, we comment on each other’s performance, we advise, we encourage, we also make fun of each other.

So we won’t tell you anything. But we have come up with a feature that will allow you to track your relatives’ investments (whoever you want, in fact, as long as the person agrees) to get started: trading with friends. Or when trading becomes social. But we could also have said “friendly”. Or “family”.

Create links

Tell me, Sandrine, what have you invested in this month? “”Hold on, I’ll send you the link. “. No interface revolution: with a simple link (we have also provided a QR code for those who prefer it) follow the portfolio of a loved one in one click.

Of course, it works the other way too: you can generate a link in an instant and authorize whoever you want to follow your investments. It couldn’t be simpler.

And you can add as many people as you want, creating your own community of followers. But followers you would really know this time.

After clicking on the link (or after scanning the QR code), you have immediate access to the performance of the investment portfolio of the subject in question.

All the benefits? No: you can know, in percentages, the distribution of the different investments of the person in question and filter them by universe (companies, cryptocurrencies, ETF or precious metals).

Hey, you didn’t have to resell your bitcoins, did you? “” 40% on Netflix while you have been on our subscription for 2 years, how are you? Don’t we worry? “” All inside Indonesian equity ETFs? Do you have any information? “.

You will see: you will discuss, you will learn, you will share. But the invested sums will never be displayed.

If you want to have the figures, see the amounts, you will have to talk about it directly, in person, with your better half, your friend, your father or a colleague.

Social, we tell you.

Start trading with Lydia

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