The trend of the guinguette garland to illuminate your garden - Le Blog Maison

The trend of the guinguette garland to illuminate your garden – Le Blog Maison

From now on, to light up your garden, nothing like the guinguette garland. It is easy to use and aesthetic. It adapts to all sizes of outdoor spaces. It is also easy to set up.

Choose your guinguette wreath

The guinguette garlands are available in different colors. Which helps you customize your landscape. You have the classic models, with colored bulbs or more original with transparent bulbs, but with a colored light inside.

You can also choose from different bulb shapes for a more classic or trendy layout. These are LED accessories that consume little and comply with current domestic electrical standards.

You can easily choose It offers you more than 40 products. Among the latter we can mention the multicolored guinguette garlands with 10 filament bulbs or the vintage garlands and the 6 m garlands to be connected, 20 transparent lamps.

  • The quality of the light bulb

The success of your outdoor decoration will depend on the quality of the bulb. There are currently plastic models that are stronger and lighter. They are also easier to install because they do not fear shocks.

For a more elegant decoration, we recommend glass bulbs. They are also brighter. In this case it is necessary to choose a good fixing to avoid collisions with bad weather and external infrastructures.

  • What power for your LED lights?

The power of your guinguette wreath varies depending on its use. Are you going to make it a main lighting? 2W will be needed. In this case, a warm white light of 4000 to 6500 K is recommended. It is more practical and more elegant.

If you simply intend to make it a decorative element, 1W will be more than enough. You can dare the colors. This will bring a little more cheer to your exterior layout.

  • What color for a better outdoor atmosphere?

The trendy guinguette garland can be declined in different colors. It all depends on the style you want to apply.

Feel free to combine colors in a simple way perfect your interior decoration. Get inspiration from a decorating blog if you don’t know how to do it.

For main lighting, we recommend warm white.

  • Which cord for your guiguette garlands?

Also compare the cord of your garland wreaths to make sure you make the best choice. For better outdoor resistance, rubber and PVC plastic are recommended. They ensure that the lights are working properly.

You can choose between round or flat cables. In the second case, they will be more discreet for a more modern and aesthetic look. The bulbs will appear like stars in the sky. Also, on this cable model, the bulbs will be straighter.

This will affect the brightness of your space.

You also need to choose your guinguette garland based on the length of the cord. You can also find 200m long props. They are ideal for the arrangement of XXL gardens.

  • A garland suitable for outdoor use

Not all guinguette wreaths are suitable for outdoor use. To do this, you need to make sure you have an accessory that is waterproof and can withstand the conditions of outdoor living. In this case we recommend the IP44 accessories.

If you plan to use the fairy lights outdoors all year round, make sure you have a sturdy accessory like the IP65 models.

Above all, avoid the IP20 garlands which are more durable inside. They are more suitable for the arrangement of bedrooms or living rooms.

Why is the guinguette garland so trendy?

The guinguette garland is both a party decoration accessory and an outdoor decoration. It is fixed in height and can adapt to all decorative themes. The advantages are many.

It is a trendy and practical decorative accessory. It illuminates evenly over the entire terrace or outdoor area. Guarantees maximum brightness. These wreaths can be plugged into the mains or attached to a solar panel for a little less electrical expense.

It is more aesthetic and easier to use. In addition to helping you light up your outdoor space, the guinguette garland also dresses the ceiling in different colors. It will bring a modern touch to any layout.

Note that there are lantern-shaped bulbs if you still want to perfect your decoration.

Lights of all colors will give your layout a more festive look. You can customize your decoration by playing with them. It is an ideal decorative accessory for outdoor parties or to last all year round.

  • It is an all-purpose decorative element

Modern and trendy, the guinguette garland is a multipurpose decorative element. It will be discreet and can be easily installed in any outdoor space: terrace, balcony, garden, etc.

The guinguette garland costs only 20 to 200 euros depending on the model. Professional models will cost you more, because they are durable.

How to put out the guinguette wreath?

Do you want to follow the trend? You simply have to choose your guinguette wreath. So, make sure it’s laid.

  • Choose a fastening point

The guinguette wreath is fixed in height. It can be on a tree, along the ceiling of your terrace or simply via fixing points on both sides of your garden. Begin the pose by choosing the positions.

Pay attention to your glass bulbs. They should not be placed against too hard elements. They can break in case of strong shocks.

Just spread the guinguette wreath along its length to set it in place. The bulbs are already attached to the cable. Depending on the rendering you want to have, you can either stretch the cable or let it go a bit.

Do you want to place the guinguette wreath along a beam? Put the bindings all the way down. This will prevent the bulbs from moving too much in strong winds.

You can also wrap your guinguette wreath around a tree or your garden infrastructure. Be careful not to stretch the cord too much so as not to break your accessory.

It goes without saying that you have to put your lighting on the area to be illuminated. The light is distributed throughout the cable. However, it is generally not necessary to drill anything or anywhere for installation. All you need is tape to hold the cable in place.

  • Plug in your lighting

Finally, you need to connect the lighting. It comes with a plug that you just need to plug into a power outlet.

If you have a basic understanding of electricity, you can also plug the accessory directly into the room’s electrical connections. Take the opportunity to sync it with your switch too.

This will make it easier to use. If you don’t know anything about it, call an electrician. This way you will avoid electrocution and damage to your guinguette wreath. A professional will also provide you with a quick, standard installation for around ten euros.

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