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The benefits on your auto insurance contract

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In France, the number of green vehicles is growing every year. Faced with the evolution of this type of market, insurance companies offer various offers suitable for these vehicles and which are practically expensive. In addition, the insurance offers have been reserved for environmentally friendly types of cars.

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Electric car insurance for your car

As for the classic car, there are more than three types of green car insurance. First of all there is a civil liability insurance with a minimum guarantee that is mandatory for all vehicles that allow you to be compensated in the event of personal injury and material damage caused to third parties. Then there is the fire and theft insurance which includes all types of claims such as fire, hail, storm and other types of bad weather. Finally, there is insurance against all risks offering optimal coverage in the event of an accident. Given the repair costs and the prices of the vehicles in question, it is advisable to opt for all-risk insurance. Therefore, the service guarantee protects drivers from electrical failures when stationary.

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The links between car insurance and ecological vehicles

Given the price of green cars and the cost of any repairs, insurers have been forced to introduce offers reserved for electric cars. Furthermore, beyond the financial benefits, all insurers have focused their insurance offerings on Sustainable Development. Therefore, to benefit from it, it is mandatory to own a car that emits a maximum of 120 g / km of CO2. It is also possible to obtain a reduction for a car insurance contract, provided that you subscribe to public transport. This option also allows drivers to save money. The insurer, on the other hand, encourages drivers with an approach that limits car travel, significantly reducing the risk of a road accident.

Guarantees to be verified

Unlike other types of insurance, offers for ecological cars offer interesting and exclusive guarantees. Since the classic breakdown of a car of this type is generally caused by the battery, it is highly recommended that you check your contract for the assistance guarantee 0. The latter takes charge and organizes the towing of the car in question. It will also be necessary to check whether the insurer leaves the free choice of the repairer. Given the technical nature of this type of car, it is essential to contact a professional for repair. You will also need to pay attention to how the car battery is rented while checking if it is covered by the insurer.

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