The 7 best mobile app design agencies

The 7 best mobile app design agencies

There are many benefits for a brand or company to develop their mobile application. Making your services or products known, increasing the awareness of your company or building customer loyalty are among the many reasons to own an app.

The success of a mobile application is explained by the consideration of essential factors such as: its design, its fluidity, its ease of use or its functionality. To develop an effective mobile application that meets the needs of its users, it is essential to surround yourself with experts and why not with a mobile app design agency.

Finding the ideal agency or freelancer who will understand your needs by developing the app that will meet your audience’s expectations is no small feat. To help you in your search, we have prepared a selection of the best mobile app design agencies so that you can find who will accompany you in the realization of your project. Here we go !

What is a mobile app creation agency?

Mobile app branding

The development of a mobile application requires complex skills and very specific know-how. To meet rapidly growing demand, some agencies have therefore specialized in mobile application development in recent years. They implement mobile-oriented strategies to meet the needs of companies, associations, self-employed workers or local authorities.

Agencies experienced in their field

These mobile app design agencies master application design, user experience codes, native development and support in the promotion of an application. The mastery of these skills and all the services they offer ensure that they are also acclaimed by many professionals.

Total support

The role of these agencies is not only to develop an optimized final product for their customers, but also to support them in the promotion, monitoring and maintenance of their mobile application. For example, if you need training time to get advice on how to reference your mobile application in the Play Store or App Store, these agencies will be on hand to give you best practices.

Why rely on an agency for the creation of a mobile application?

Delegating the creation of a mobile application to an agency: the advantages

Tackling the development of a mobile application is a complex undertaking. It requires knowledge of very specific languages ​​such as Java for Android or Swift for iOS. If you are not completely familiar with these languages, we recommend that you entrust your mobile application project to an agency experienced in this field.

By delegating the creation of your mobile application to experts, you will save time that you can dedicate to your core business. On top of that, you can rest assured of quality work done by an agency at the forefront of innovation.

If you decide to entrust the development of your app to an agency, you will have the certainty of a quality product. In one agency, the mobile developer team is made up of UX designers, UI designers and Product designers. Each member is an expert in her field and thus enables the delivery of a more advanced product.

And because a quality product isn’t enough to ensure your mobile application’s success and to stand out from the competition, agencies provide you with best practices for promoting your app.

Delegating the creation of a mobile application to an agency: the disadvantages

There are, however, some objections to using a agency for the creation of your mobile application.

Guaranteeing the final quality of your product by entrusting it to a specialized agency has a price. For a project of this magnitude and depending on the nature of the desired features, it is best to plan a substantial budget.

Also, if you decide to outsource the development of your mobile application to an agency, don’t rush. It all depends on the agencies, but the deadline for most of them is often extended. The time to find your agency, to agree on the specifications and finally the production time which can last several months, are all temporal axes to be taken into consideration.

The good reasons to hire a freelancer to develop your app

IT freelance and salary portage

If you do not wish to collaborate with a mobile app design agencyanother solution is at your disposal: choose to work with a freelance mobile developer.

Since it is subject to fewer fees and less charges than an agency, the advantage of a freelance mobile developer is that they will offer you to develop your app at a lower rate than an agency. In general, it will also tend to be more flexible and responsive.

But the independent status of a freelance mobile developer isn’t always synonymous with availability. Often he has to juggle his clients and therefore will not be able to devote all his time to your project. When choosing your freelancer, agree with him on the time he can devote to developing your product and ask him if he will be able to meet your deadline.

Where to find a freelancer to develop your mobile app?

The Codeur platform is full of freelance talents ready to support you in the realization of your app project. To get in touch with freelance mobile developers, simply post a message on the platform specifying the terms of your project (budget, specification mention, application functionality and deadline).

Freelancers who can support you in this project will send you a message. You can start a discussion with them and see if the power goes out!

Introducing the 7 best mobile application creation agencies

Each agency has its own characteristics and specificities. To find the ideal agency for your project, you need to be well informed about each of them. Our selection of the seven best mobile application builders aims to enlighten you to help you choose the right one.


It was 2014 that the story ofappstud in an apartment in Toulouse. Today, nearly 40 employees have already joined the agency, whose offices are located in France, Montreal, Minsk, London and Mauritius.

According to them, the main goal of a mobile application is to federate a community of users. To do this, teams develop user-centric mobile applications with an emphasis on identifying people, solving company problems, and designing ergonomic interfaces. Regarding its areas of expertise, the agency is used to working on products related to e-commerce, connected objects or virtual reality.

2. Hi Pomelo

Hi Pomelo, these are four agencies located in Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux but also in Spain, in the city of Barcelona. An agency specializing in the development of customized web and mobile applications, it supports its customers in transforming an innovative idea into a profitable product.

Model production, development and support, at Hello Pomelo, everything is done to ensure the profitability of your investment. The agency generally works in B2B to help companies digitize their processes and increase their conversions.

3. Galadrim

This web agency specializing in mobile application development is located in Nantes and Paris. It was founded by two former students of the École Polytechnique in 2015 and today has more than 30 employees.

In its support to its customers, what matters for the Galadrim agency, is understanding the business challenges to generate value for your companies. For all the projects entrusted to them, they deal with the graphic design and development of the mobile application. Their big advantage is that they offer long-term support to develop your app based on your users’ feedback.

4. Name

Lyon digital agency, Nomeo is an expert in mobile and web application development. Whether you want to create an innovative project, digitize your business or even develop an application idea for the general public, Nomeo will support you from A to Z.

To ensure the success of your mobile application, Nomeo provides you with the following services:

  • graphic design ;
  • mobile application development;
  • support for launching the app;
  • support after the launch phase;

With its ten years of experience in the digital sector, the agency is used to working with different types of clients such as startups, VSE / SMEs and local authorities. So, regardless of the size and characteristics of your business, don’t hesitate to contact this agency!


Since 2014, the Leoxa agency supports its customers in the implementation of digital solutions and more particularly in the development of native applications in Bordeaux.

Through its wide range of services, Leoxa relies on building a close relationship with its customers to better understand their business challenges and help them achieve their goals.

Whether your project concerns a native application, a web app or a multi-platform application, the Leoxa agency will bring you its experience, from the design of your app to its maintenance.

6. Atalanta

It is in Angers that this web agency specializing in the creation of websites and mobile applications has decided to establish itself.

To offer digital solutions adapted to the needs of its clients, the agency focuses its objectives on the user experience to offer intuitive interfaces and thus improve user navigation on the mobile application.

The little extra of Atalanta, is that it proposes solutions suitable for local authorities who wish to digitize their services. The agency aims in particular to help municipalities and municipalities create sites that meet mandatory web accessibility standards for communities.

7. Squirrel

The squirrel mobile agency, founded in 2014, has a mission to get your business off the ground through digital. It specializes in mobile application development focusing on UX design, motion design and project management, to develop quality products.

Its range of services ranges from API development, through the creation of bespoke projects, to the creation of a back office suitable for your business.

By choosing to collaborate with the Squirrel agency for the development of your mobile application, you will have the certainty of a complete project that goes from the design of your app to the creation of marketing campaigns to promote its launch.

Our tip for finding the best mobile app development agency

If you have the idea of ​​developing a mobile application to market your product or advertise your company’s services, you can hire a freelance developer or an agency specializing in mobile application development.

Know this on the platform, many mobile developers are at your disposal to support you in your mobile application development project. You can already post an ad on the platform so that freelancers willing to respond to your request can contact you. Don’t wait any longer, get started!

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