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The 6 best WordPress site builders

Today, a company must have a good digital presence to present its products and services, but also to stay on the level or even surpass its competitors.

The website is the key element of digitization. This is why the entrepreneur must have a website or a blog.

So how to create a website that perfectly fits the image of the company and the values ​​it wants to convey? Working with a WordPress site build agency gives you the opportunity to have access to expert expertise in the field.

Why rely on an agency for the creation of your WordPress site?

There are many reasons for choosing to work on your WordPress site with an agency.

Use WordPress and for free if you wish. However, with an agency, you can take solid advice and establish your online presence. This part is important, because if your site is great, it’s great! But if it is not visited for lack of visibility, it is less.

The agency helps its client in choosing the most suitable theme for their structure:

  • Showcase sites for companies
  • Wallets
  • Blog
  • Online shop
  • Galleries
  • Landing pages

An agency will be able to choose the different formats to use according to their needs regarding:

(jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf, .doc, .pptx, .mp3, .mp4)

  • Photos
  • The lyrics
  • Video
  • The audios

An agency knows the importance of SEO for your site and will optimize it with the knowledge.

In fact, SEO referencing is part of marketing strategies and being visible by search engines like Google has a major impact on your site’s visibility. Entrusting this part to experts seems reasonable given the time and skills it requires.

It is able to find solutions to ensure the security of your site by regularly making the necessary updates.

WordPress requires regular updates. The system is constantly evolving, because to stay on top and to manage patches and other possible flaws, WordPress professionals work hard.

An agency will be able to adapt to the rise of mobile browsing.

The use of the Smartphone, in fact, has exploded and this implies adapting the design of one’s site to the “mobile” format. Navigation is different. Agency WordPress experts will take responsive design site design to heart. They are proof against all types of media. (tablet, smartphone, etc.)

The agency at the service of your development

The agency’s experts will take care of the development of your site from A to Z:

  • Write the specifications
  • Advice on hosting and domain name
  • Use the best development tools for the features you want. Use of Plugins and CMS.
  • Work on the ergonomics of your site
  • Choose the design with you and consistent with your brand image
  • Build an SEO strategy to increase your visibility on search engines like Google.

It can also provide support in terms of digital marketing strategy by checking your electronic reputation, graphic paper and communication campaigns … It deals with finding solutions to all customer requests.

The advantages and disadvantages of an agency for creating your WordPress site

A digital agency can be a resource for building your WordPress site. However, as with everyone, it will have drawbacks. Here is a small anthology of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a digital design agency.


  • Possibility of advice and wider actions

More often than not, professionals working within a WordPress site build agency have broader areas of expertise. This allows them to take action at your request on content creation, referencing, or even network management.

  • Support with a dedicated project manager

Creating a website can require different skills depending on your expectations and therefore involves more people. An agency can assign a leader to your project who will dialogue with the various actors. You will have only one interlocutor.

  • The number facilitates creation

The fact that there are more people within the agency allows, if your project requires it, to collect ideas and share points of view for a more successful site.

  • Mastery of large-scale projects

The fact that there are more professionals within an agency allows you to mobilize more people on a large project.

The drawbacks:

  • Greater administrative constraints

Agencies must prepare a certain number of administrative acts and in particular contracts that are a bit more restrictive for the client as well.

If we compare ourselves with a “Freelancer”, the price is higher due to the expenses which are also heavier. (mainly fixed costs and salaries)

Why go to for building your WordPress site

encoder is a platform that connects “freelancers” with candidates.

The operation is simple : describe your project on the platform in a few words

The answer is quick : You will receive a dozen quotes in minutes

It’s free : choose the freelance that best suits your project and it’s without obligation!

The advantages and disadvantages of using a “freelancer” to create your WordPress site

Hiring a WordPress site professional as a “freelancer” has advantages and disadvantages that need to be weighed against the digital agency:


A freelancer is an expert in his or her field. He is a person with strong motivational potential who will do everything possible to get your satisfaction. The stakes for him are considerable as you will be the best advertisement for him.

  • Show a lot of motivation

The “freelancer” in fact is judged on the basis of his skills and the fervor he will put into giving you satisfaction.

  • It is flexible and responsive

Work alone and encounter fewer constraints related to the team or hierarchy. He can respond instantly as he is the only decision maker. He is also your only point of contact.

  • It can make you benefit from its network

If he is alone in his field, he often has knowledge that can be useful for you to carry out other activities such as managing your social networks, writing SEO content, creating a blog or setting up CMS … Even what may seem like a disadvantage turns into a resource . Indeed,

  • Their prices are lower

For reasons that seem obvious, it has fewer fixed expenses. This allows them to offer much cheaper prices.

The drawbacks:

  • The limit of the fields of activity

Being alone, and not being able to be an expert in all areas, you will probably have to appeal to other “freelancers” for certain actions. It forces you to be your own project manager.

This can be a problem for large projects.

  • Availability may be limited

In fact, when you are alone, it doesn’t seem easy to tackle multiple projects at the same time. You need to be aware of this and a quality freelancer can have a significant waiting period.

Submit your project on to find a WordPress developer.

The big WordPress website builders

Youdemus web agency

TUDEMO is a digital agency based in Paris 18, and in Bordeaux, but which offers its services throughout the territory. It offers services such as:

  • Website creation
  • Site hosting
  • WordPress support and maintenance
  • Digital Marketing

Trimardeau’s digital strategy

Trimardeau’s digital strategy was born in 2016 to support companies in their digital strategy.

Their motto: Long-term customer support.

He offers to take care of your digital marketing, from creating a website to managing your digital marketing communication.


noise is a digital marketing agency with over 80 experts.

His areas of expertise:

  • Natural referencing to position your site in the best results of the SERP
  • Referencing for a fee.
  • Content Marketing that allows you to develop a content strategy connected and consistent with your business.
  • Website creation
  • Analysis of your data and your website
  • The management of your social networks to strengthen your popularity and your brand image.
  • Etc.

wordpress agency

WordPress agency offers packages for the development of your websites.

Their promises:

  • Prices without surprises,
  • fast delivery,
  • a project manager who acts as a link and advises you,
  • You are the owner of your site.

moose agency

WapiyouI agency it is located in the heart of Lille. Their experts support you in your projects of:

  • Creation and restyling of the website
  • Your SEO reference
  • CRMP development
  • e-commerce

Adigone WordPress agency

Adigone is an agency in Lyon that offers:

  • WordPress and woocommerce website creation
  • CRM application development

Our tip for finding a WordPress site creation agency

The choice is not always easy to make. We recommend that you lay out your project well by noting all the elements you may need in terms of functionality and digital marketing. If you have any wishes on the design, note this too. So you can make the choice that best suits your needs.

Do not hesitate to submit your project to our “freelancers” on

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