Les logiciel pour la gestion de maintenance informatique

The 4 best free IT maintenance management software

The computer maintenance it can be complicated to manage on a daily basis. Computer-assisted maintenance management, more commonly called CMMit’s a management method.

It will facilitate the IT equipment maintenance. Most of the tools have a monthly or yearly cost. However, there are free alternatives. Depending on your business, you need to study the possibilities and different software.

Let’s find out what the CMMS is and its advantages. Then the 4 best free tools for IT maintenance management.

What is Computer Aided Maintenance Management (CMMS)?

CMMS – explanations

The CMMS allows you to manage IT maintenance through automated assistance. These tools are used very frequently in the business or administrative sector.

CMMS software covers a wide range of areas, which is very beneficial for companies.

For the free versions, not all domains may be offered. However, some already have powerful and interesting support.

What are the functions of the CMMS software?

Different areas are covered by the CMMS, what are they?

  • Stock management : generate orders, place orders with suppliers, evaluate stocks, create notifications for not being out of stock, etc.
  • Equipment management : inventory, purchase dates, equipment characteristics.
  • Personnel planning and management : stampings, overtime, etc.
  • Management of daily costs : supplies, labor, insurance, etc.
  • maintenance management : generate management documents (work order, request for intervention, etc. Maintenance is on several levels, it can be corrective, but also preventive for example.

What are the advantages of managing your maintenance with the CMMS software?

The advantages of a CMMS software are very interesting in the management of a company:

  • That saves time : the planning and management of interventions are automated. Therefore, the company is more productive, it can focus on other activities.
  • Simplified and improved communication : the various contributors and users perform their duties. Then the actors can make feedback or changes. The information obtained helps in the decision making process.
  • Quickly accessible information : the CMMS can generate reports. Some information that used to take a long time to find is easier to access with this tool.
  • Performance increase : structure and control of preventive maintenance plans. It’s easier to manage equipment life and reduce downtime. Therefore, the company has a better annual profitability.
  • Expense control : the most evident advantage is in the automation of processes, and therefore in compliance with budgets and also in savings.
  • Long-term analysis : high visibility that allows you to anticipate stock shortages and some breakdowns.

4 free software for IT maintenance management?

Here is a list of free software that has an interesting performance in terms of computer maintenance:


All companies have Excel therefore, this solution is used by many of them. Managing maintenance with this software means you don’t have to invest in additional software. Most importantly, if you already have practice with spreadsheets, it’s a breeze.

What are the benefits of Excel :

  • Creation of intervention plans
  • Data crossing
  • Establishment of lists of supplies, equipment and speakers
  • Production of dashboards
  • Report generation
  • Free online tutorials to deepen your knowledge and use
  • Mastery of Excel by your employees
  • Time saving and fluency

However, Excel is fine to start with, but it can be time-consuming and data traceability isn’t there.

Manage maintenance 4

Manage maintenance 4 is an industrial maintenance software who has a free version. The big advantage over most free CMMS software is that it is French.

Like all base versions, ManageMaint 4 is limited compared to the full version. However, it allows you to start managing computer maintenance at no cost.

Benefits of ManageMaint 4 :

  • Establishment of a detailed database (integration of your equipment, interventions, etc.)
  • Detailed report on the equipment
  • Software in French
  • Simplified maintenance to start a small-scale business
  • Free

However, there is no mobile version, the software is only available on PC.

Fix Lite


Fix Lite is the free version of the Fiix software. Obviously it offers fewer features than the paid versions, but it allows you to discover the main features Software. You should know despite everything that for the moment there is no French version, it is present English.

Fiix Lite is often used by companies in the tertiary and tertiary sector.

What are the benefits of Fiix Lite?

  • Quick and easy handling
  • Professional features
  • Mobile App
  • Purchase order management
  • No credit card required

You may already have enough knowledge if you are a small business.

Maintenance Care

Maintenance Care

Maintenance Care is an online software that offers the management of interventions in a free version.

It is the best known in its category, but is only available in English for the moment.

The free version is available for one entity and one user.

What are the benefits of MaintenanceCare?

  • Mobile App
  • Purchase order management
  • Resource management
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Functional coverage

What are the limitations of free CMMS software?

If you decide to go through the automated maintenance management by computer, the freeware option can help you get started. However, in the long run, it may be less attractive.

What are the main limitations of free CMMS software?

  • Features are limited
  • French versions are rare
  • The number of users is limited
  • Setup can be tricky if you don’t have skills in the field
  • Lack of customer service or support to help you with any issues

How to optimize your automated computer maintenance management?

There are two solutions if the CMMS software is no longer suitable for your long-term business:

  • Open source CMMS software : This solution requires in-depth technical skills within your company. Not only for distributing the software, but also for regular maintenance.
  • Professional paid CMMS software : A large number of companies use this software as their business grows. It is easier in the daily management of your computer maintenance. In terms of automation, the solutions are more efficient.

You can also call professionals specialized in automated maintenance.

Keep in mind, however, that the costs of professional software can be less expensive than you think.

The 3 best CMMS software with a free trial


adjust it’s great software CMMin addition, it offers three different options according to your needs.

  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Agency

The the basic version is already very complete and already enables powerful features in terms of automated maintenance. It costs 45 € per month. It is made for small businesses, its efficiency is very attractive.

Big change

Big change

Big change is a paid solution that offers two different offers, with a starting price of € 59.95 / month and per user.

This integrated software is functional for small and medium-sized businesses. The management of the interventions is simplified;

Bob! Writing desk

Bob!  Writing desk

Bob! Writing desk offers a demo and a free trial. The prices offered by this software are adapted according to the activity of your company. An accompaniment is also proposed to simplify its use. Starting offers start at around € 15 depending on your business sector.

Our advice

When we start a business, we want to limit costs. We often turn to free solutions thinking it is the best solution.

Which is the case at the very beginning. However, if you want to find a professional to help you set up your CMMS, you can find the solution on codeur.com. A quote is required, a expert in the field of maintenance will be happy to help you. In the meantime, we have mentioned the best software to support you in your debut with CMMS.

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