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Specificity of specialized auto insurance for abused drivers

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You want to insure your vehicle, but companies refuse to insure you? Different types of auto insurance provide coverage if you are unable to pay your dues or are a large driver penalty.

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Insurance for injured / damaged driver?

If you are the typical case of a driver accumulating accidents, driver injured insurance is perfect for you. It is intended for people whose contract is terminated due to drunk driving, multiple accidents or non-payment of the premium and contribution. By offering the same options as regular auto insurance, the rates are more affordable. Some large companies can preserve your mobility by offering an emergency vehicle in the event of an accident.

Please note that this only takes effect for the duration of your vehicle repair. You are also entitled to roadside assistance even if your vehicle is broken down at the foot of your home, it is a roadside assistance at km 0. As for the guarantees, it adapts to your needs.

However, a certain criterion is to be seen in particular the penalty rate you caused in your old contract. Malus insurance can limit the penalty 350% or even 125%. All types of offers are offered by companies such as third party offers, extended third party offers or all risk insurance.

bad car driver insurance

What is bad driver insurance?

In the event of non-payment of the premium and contribution, an insurance company can terminate the car insurance contract. This applies to all types of policyholders after a period of 10 days. Also, this fact is recorded in your file, which limits the number of companies that would be interested in insuring your car.

Fortunately, other types of insurance are designed to help you in this type of situation, namely bad driver insurance.

Why take out bad driver insurance?

This type of offer is proposed by a specialized company in the event of insurance terminated due to non-payment, taking into account your financial solvency. The immediate subscription is mandatory, because a car without insurance raise taxes.

In fact, if you’ve been uninsured for a month, nothing serious can happen. But if you exceed 6 months, the contribution will be greater. The registration criteria take into account your age, your profession, your bonuses. To ensure that everything is okay, your new company has the right to do so carry out an investigation if the insurance is made to cover an accident that occurred before the subscription.

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