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Social protection: better protection thanks to the transfer of wages

Social protection is a set of mechanisms put in place for collective well-being. It allows the citizens of a country to improve manage social risks (accidents, illnesses, birth, disability, unemployment, retirement, etc.).

If public service employees and private sector employees benefit from it through a contributory system, what to say self employed ? Wage shifting is an attractive solution because it allows freelancers to enjoy the same social benefits as private sector employees.

Find out how the wage transport offers better social protection to independents.

Social protection: what is it exactly?

Social protection

Social protection consists of different diets (general, special, autonomous, etc.) established to anticipate the financial consequences of social risks that could compromise the economic security of a person or his family.

1- There are two types of social protection mechanisms:

Social benefits that are paid directly to families in the form of health checks, pensions or reimbursements;

Provision of social services, which consist of free or low-cost services in hospitals or day care centers. Social protection organizations finance them directly or through donations.

2- Social protection: conditions of care

Social benefits respond to three modes of support:

Social insurance which protects members against loss of income (illness, accident at work, unemployment, old age, etc.) in exchange for contributions calculated on the basis of salary. This protection is provided for taxpayers and their dependents;

Social assistance intervenes to support people and their families against all forms of poverty. This benefit guarantees a minimum income, but does not necessarily cover a well-defined risk. Granted subject to means, this form of social protection it does not require a contribution: it is therefore “non-contributory”. Social assistance includes the ten social minimums, RSA (Active Solidarity Income) and AAH (Allowance for Disabled Adults).

Universal protection provides for the coverage of certain types of expenses for all individuals, with no means test and no contributions to pay. For example, universal health protection allows all workers or residents in France to benefit from coverage of health care costs.

What about social protection in the context of wage transfer?

How the salary portage works

Wage transfer is a form of work that has many advantages self-employed and self-employed workers. It allows them to have the status of assisted employee and to benefit from all the social security coverage provided for traditional employees while remaining independent.

The salary portage is also interesting because it allows you to no longer carry out administrative procedures to benefit from social security coverage. The assisted employee benefits from both the freedom and autonomy of self-employment and the social protection reserved for employees. Find out in detail the characteristics of the social protection of this form of work.

1- Social security coverage in the transfer of wages: the general regime

The mission of the wage portage company is to bring skilled workers who can offer intellectual services such as training, consulting, engineering and management. To establish the relationship with the transported worker, the wage portage company draws up a formal employment contract that both parties must sign.

Therefore, the transferred employee is like the employee of the wage portage company and not of the client companies. Indeed, it is the umbrella company that pay social security contributions (employer charges and wage charges) for self-employed workers. This allows the worker to take advantage of all the benefits granted to the traditional worker in terms of social security, health coverage and health costs. Hospitalization costs and some medications may also be reimbursed.

Self-employed workers who choose the status of transported worker can also have paid holidays in the amount of 2 and a half days a month, or 30 days a year. They also have sick leave coverage and professional indemnity insurance.

2- Social protection in the transfer of wages and daily allowances

When the transferred worker encounters a health problem and is no longer able to work or perform the tasks entrusted to him, he is paid daily allowances during sick leave. From 1uh January 2016, this form of social protection it is granted regardless of the seniority of the insured.

The employee taken on sick leave must notify the portage company and its Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie (CPAM) within 48 hours. The amount of the daily allowance is calculated on the basis of the basic salary. Thanks to this system, consultants and freelancers can receive daily allowances during this waiting period.

3- Social protection in wage transfer and unemployment benefit

the employee it can also pay contributions for unemployment protection. You can also take advantage of the Return to Work Assistance (ARE). It is possible to combine the partial ARE and a salary (under conditions) when the payroll company it takes the time to declare all its employees transported to the URSSAF.

The unemployment benefitthey are only granted to consultants who meet certain conditions. They must demonstrate a minimum of 44 days of work or 610 hours during the 28 months prior to the date of the request. Salary Portage Consultants can accumulate days or hours of work on the various missions they perform.

To be able to touch unemployment benefit , must be registered with Pôle Emploi. He must also be able to provide documents justifying that he has fulfilled the missions in wage portage or the certificate of the employer. It’s about a wage portage companies such as ITGour partner in social protection.

The unemployment benefit in the wage portagethey are calculated on the basis of the SJR (Daily Reference Salary). They represent 57% of the SJR or 40.4% of the SJR + € 11.84.

4- Social protection in the transfer of wages and mutual health insurance

The assisted employee benefits from social protection which it is part of the general social system. In general, he uses a company mutual fund to cover his additional health costs that Social Security does not cover. Each wage portage company is free to choose their own reciprocal . It might even show up complementary healthto each employee transported.

5- Social protection in the transfer of wages and pension contributions

To prepare for retirement, self-employed workers in wage portage can pay dues. The umbrella company charges pension contributions . The amount of the pension is calculated on the basis of an average annual salary and a revaluation coefficient that can vary over the years.

So, you will have understood, the salary portage is a scheme that guarantees many advantages in terms of social protection, social security, sick leave and retirement benefits. In addition, the payroll company takes care of all administrative procedures. This enables consultants to focus on their work and make their businesses profitable.

Social protection within the reach of self-employed workers thanks to the wage portage

Wage portage is an attractive solution for entrepreneurs and managers who want to benefit from a better social protectionIn exchange for cheaper expenses. It also allows you to take advantage of a unemployment insurance .

You can free yourself from all the constraints related to administrative, accounting and tax procedures. You also benefit from the experience of other entrepreneurs to adapt more quickly to this status.

The salary portage is the solution you need if you are looking for a efficient system to guarantee a smooth and safe transition when you plan to swap your position as an employee for that of an entrepreneur or freelancer to start on your own.

ITGis a salary portage company that guarantees you social protection tailored to your needs in the event of sick leave, hospitalization, retirement, family difficulties, etc. Whatever your specialty, a team is at your disposal to take care of administrative procedures, training and reminders. Take advantage of the expertise of qualified professionals to benefit from all the benefits of employee status in terms of social protection.

Our tip for better social protection through salary transfer

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