SEPA ALLASSO direct debit: what is it?

SEPA ALLASSO direct debit: what is it?

A SEPA tax statement appears on your bank statement. Are you wondering what it corresponds to? You realize this levy comes from a Mutuelle allasso, a mutual society specializing in social action. We explain what this flow corresponds to in our article!

What does this SEPA ALLASSO direct debit correspond to?

The SEPA Allasso Direct Debit comes simply from the Allasso Mutual. They offer several services to their members, including:

  • financial assistance for housing;
  • Support for pensioners;
  • Family events;
  • Children as well as mutual aid.

Allasso is not only an insurance mortgage but also a financial organization that offers credits and loans. What could match yours SEPA ALLASSO direct debit. If you signed up for one of their offers, you had to fill out an authorization mandate to your creditor for an automatic debit.

Thanks to this SEPA ALLASSO direct debit, you can benefit benefits that the insurance company offers. If an anomaly occurs or you no longer want this contract, you can terminate it.

So you can stop yours ALLASSO contract, several conditions must be met. Yep, if you don’t recognize the direct debit, you’ll have the option to stop the collection. We recommend that you find the information of your banker and creditors or do your own research before stopping it. They hold information about the warrant signer and the debtor.

The explanation for this tax may be due to the lack of communication between you and your spouse who may have the answer to this tax. This flow can also be due to flight, which makes the cancellation of an account or the termination of the contract legitimate. If this case is well established, you will need to submit, a notice of opposition by e-mail or by telephone to your bank that has the debtor’s SIREN. You will be reimbursed in full or in any case you will reach up to 150 euros in reimbursement.
You can also contact your creditor by post at stop the SEPA Allasso direct debit. Most importantly, in the event of a payment card hack, fraud or identity theft, the approach is the same.

The following are the useful contacts for the procedures for terminating the ALLASSO contract:

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