Safekeeping of keys I The security solution for entrusting keys

Safekeeping of keys I The security solution for entrusting keys

Keys are unfortunately one of the most lost objects when they are the guardians of our home! Suffice it to say that entrusting them to passing visitors does not happen without a certain apprehension. In response to this problem, key guarding is a peripheral service to that of booming platforms. Avoid intermediaries, complications and risk of loss. Explanations.

Key custody: a new solution

What if you had a virtual reception that would distribute your keys remotely, under your supervision? It’s kind of like the concept of, a key storage service that allows you to manage your key deliveries securely., has already changed the lives of many companies or Airbnb owners. Find out why!

But who is affected by the short term rental On Airbnb ? Lots of busy people who don’t have time to be there to hand over the keys. We think in particular of people who travel often, or those who rent a second home away from their main home. The use of key custody is providential for them, as it allows them to entrust this delicate task to a professional. No more worries about the reliability of the relay, because only their traveler, thanks to a personal QR code, will be able to collect the keys. Furthermore, anonymity is respected because only the recipient of the keys knows the address to which the keychain corresponds.

Keys are often a problem when they are at the heart of organizing a vacation rental. Very often they pass from the hands of a neighbor to those of the housekeeper, to return again to the hands of another intermediary. If one of the relays makes an oversight, the consequences can be unfortunate. Key custody has the advantage of minimizing the risks associated with the human factor. It also offers you the guarantee and reliability of professionals, who work according to strict procedures. Plus, you stay in control of your keys, because a notification alerts you, in real time, of every new movement.

Mistakes not to make with keys

A seasonal rental shouldn’t cause problems for landlords. Unfortunately, sets of keys that travel from hand to hand don’t always help them sleep soundly, and for good reason: some practices are dangerous.

Leave the key under the doormat or in a flowerpot

If you’re used to using this method to pass your keys on to friends or your kids, you might dare to use it with your Airbnb guests. However, this practice is to be avoided. Know, in fact, that it is well known to thieves! Locating your hiding place can be a breeze for them and so they’ll access your home without breaking in! Big problems ahead to be compensated for burglary by your insurers, when a key guard would have saved your day!

Talk to untrustworthy people

Never give your keys to someone you don’t know well who offers you this service a little too quickly. If you live far from there, he may take the opportunity to settle in your home and happily crouch there without your knowledge. Does it seem surreal to you? Be aware that such situations sometimes happen. If you don’t have reliable family or friends around, the professional key safekeeping solution keeps you away from many problems and is by far the safest.

Entrusting your keys to a professional like MyLoby has a very reasonable cost. Also, it can be deducted from the rental price. A real innovation to let new travelers enter your home, with the utmost peace of mind!

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