Promote your business with the 10 best video styles

Promote your business with the 10 best video styles

Any company’s marketing journey is incomplete without video. From social media to web pages, videos have become an essential part of the marketing strategy. In keeping with these themes, here we have compiled the top 10 types of videos that can help you promote your business and take it to new heights.

1. Explanatory videos

An explanatory video explains in simple terms the key elements of your products and services. Tell the story of your product using animated characters, text, images, and a storyline. Remember that when making an explanatory film, you should use a professional voiceover and soundtrack.

startup e businesses those offering sophisticated technical products can greatly benefit from the explanatory videos. These films are useful in the capture stage of the buyer’s journey. You can include your explanatory video on your landing page, along with an appropriate call to action, a generate qualified leads For your business.

2. Testimonial Videos

People have an impact on others. Honest reviews can make us change our mind about a product or convince us to buy it, be it Google reviews or Facebook comments. This is why video customer testimonials are so important.

These videos can easily demonstrate to your potential customers how your product has a beneficial influence on real people. Listening to the voice of consumers and watching a product in action is much more fascinating than reading a paragraph. Finally, testimonial videos can be the key to building trust and attracting new customers.

3. Promotion video of the event

You can hire experienced videographers to film a corporate event or use it online video editing software to produce the best promotional moments for an event, which you can then share on social networks. Live streaming on social media is a proven trend that requires few resources.

Short portions of your company’s events can be streamed live as Instagram Stories or live videos on Facebook and Twitter.
Event video ads are extremely useful for developing and deepening relationships with existing prospects. They do this by creating a buzz around your business and news, as well as spreading the word! Videos of this type are necessary if you are a large company with a large and geographically dispersed audience.

4. Social media videos

Regardless of whether you use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or a mix of the four, the videos you post can drive traffic to your website or simply help you increase brand recognition by staying on your pages.

Keep in mind that many of your visitors will be browsing their phones and won’t have time to look at long documents. The name of the social video game is “short and sweet”.

5. Loyalty program video

Most businesses use some type of loyalty program to encourage customers to buy from them again. On the other hand, customers are often unaware of the existence of these programs. As a brand, you can create movies that highlight the program’s benefits and demonstrate its usefulness.

You can use motion graphics, animations, and live action in these movies, depending on your business image. The expansion stage of the buyer’s journey is ideal for loyalty program videos.

6. Video on the culture of work

It’s not enough to attract customers to promote your business. You need to be willing to go out of your way to make your workplace a pleasant place to live. Workplace culture movies can help you hire the right people and cut your turnover.

Recognize that your people are essential to the success of your business and that your efforts to discover the best resources will be amply rewarded. The number of questions per job offers including a recruitment video increased by 36%.

7. Entertainment videos

Entertainment short videos are the best choice if you want to post your video material on social media. These films provide entertaining material to viewers and help build brand loyalty. To grab attention at the buyer’s journey stage, you need to make fun movies.

Consider a hilarious narrative that incorporates your brand in an unobtrusive way for entertainment videos. Your target audience will not perceive it as promoting the product and therefore will share it with their peers.

8. Product demonstration videos

A product demonstration video gives your target audience an overview of your product or service. Demo videos, like explanations, are in-depth and focus on your brand’s unique selling proposition. However, they are not meant to raise awareness in the general public, but rather to help convert potential customers.

Demo movies include features, use cases, step-by-step examples, and even end-to-end scenario tests to show you exactly what your product is capable of. Typically, demo videos are shot using highlights or screenshots or in a way that describes all the components of your product.

9. Demonstration videos

It can do a lot more than just promote your brand; it can also help your consumers navigate complicated businesses. It is also popular with customers. According to studies, four out of five consumers believe that tutorials or how-to videos help them find the answers they’re looking for.

To make an instructional or instructional video, you must first understand the problem from the customer’s point of view. To do this, read your most common difficulties or frequently asked questions to provide detailed instructions to your consumers. Include helpful hints and other helpful comments and that’s it! You have a great tool to ensure that your customers get the information they want immediately.

10. Appreciation videos

You can’t just focus on acquiring new consumers if you want to grow your business. You can anticipate great deals from your existing consumers if you make them feel unique. Thank you videos are an effective way to use videos in this situation.

Thank you videos make people feel appreciated and more connected to a company. They also create a sense of community among your customers and ensure they stay loyal to you. You can experiment with various video styles, but the goal is to make the video as personalized as possible.

Last words

These are just a few commonly used types of videos that help businesses connect with their target audience. Video marketing is an effective way to extend the reach of your brand, remind potential customers of its value, and even push them to take the next step.

So get started right away!

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