Our customers have the final say in 2021

Our customers have the final say in 2021

Instead of doing a lot of blah blah about the last year, we leave our customers the last word for the year 2021. The entire team at Helberg Versicherungsmakler thanks you for your trust and wishes you and your loved ones a very happy new year in a healthy and hopefully (sometimes) a better new year 2022.

A customer writes: "You are the first insurance broker I have met who takes their clients seriously"

A good year ago, wrote a customer in our extranet: “Thank you for the effort. You are the first insurance broker I have met who takes their clients seriously and knows what they are selling to them. Thank you.”

Customer feedback in Q1 2021

Roberto on ProvenExpert: Helberg is a highly recommended broker.

Roberto wrote in January Provençal expert: “Highly recommended broker. Mr. Helberg helped me find the right disability insurance for me. The whole consultation process was exemplary. (…) The counseling for a BU can (depending on the individual situation) last several weeks or months. So I found it very useful that the entire consultation could take place remotely. “

Care is very important to Mr. Helberg.

TG from Aschaffenburg wrote in February: “After I came across several articles founded on Helberg’s BI topic on the Internet, I was convinced of his competence. (…) Care is very important to Mr. Helberg, even the personal contact is very pleasant and friendly. You are in good hands. Clear recommendation! “.

When customers have questions, they can look like this.

This example from our March extranet shows what it can look like when our customers have questions about an offer. It is a point of honor that we answer every single question.

Customer: I have received optimal assistance

This customer also writes in March: “I have received the best possible support with all questions and throughout the whole process and feel very well advised in all respects. (…) I am completely satisfied.”

Customer testimonials in Q2 2021:

Client on ProvenExpert: "Mr. Helberg seems very competent in his general behavior."

This client writes to ProvenExpert in April: “Mr. Helberg seems very competent in his general behavior (…) He doesn’t even offer contracts that he doesn’t consider advisable.”

Even after 8 years this client writes: Through "Come on amateurs" became aware of the agent.

In May, this client demonstrated on ProvenExpert that a single blog post is still effective after nearly 8 years: “I was talking about the article. “Forward Amateurs” Becoming aware of the broker was a real stroke of luck for me “.

The customer writes: "Mr. Helberg is the specialist in Germany, especially in the BU area."

S. Kayser also wrote in May: “Mr. Helberg is the specialist in Germany, particularly in the business accounting sector. 1st service. “

The client writes on ProvenExpert: taking out BI insurance requires excellent advice

In June, this client correctly wrote: “Taking out BI insurance requires great advice.” And recommend that you do research on our website so you can ask the right questions while browsing.

Helberg Versicherungsmakler Customer Email: We had the best experience with you.

In October, this client writes by email that he has had the best experience with Helberg Versicherungsmakler and continues to recommend us to his partner 7 years later. We were also happy to do our job for them and in their interest 😉.

Feedback and assessments in Q4 2021:

The customer writes: "Thanks for the good service"

In November, a customer thanked her three times in an email and wrote, among other things: “Thanks for the great service!”

The client writes: Too bad we no longer have children

Also in November, a customer wrote via email: “Too bad we have no more children. We could still get BU on the way, it was truly an exemplary process for you!” Yes, a real shame. 😉

I think I have done everything right with you as a broker.

How good disability insurance it is actually only noticeable to the policyholder in an emergency when the insurer should pay. This client wrote in November after acknowledging his disability: “I think I’ve done everything right with you as a broker.”

Great support and advice even after graduation

For us, the work does not stop after an insurance broker is found. So writes this customer Google: “Particularly commendable is the excellent and friendly support and advice even after the conclusion of the contract!”

Customer opinion: "Your letter helped me"

Doctors sometimes refuse to copy useful documents for their patients for the BU grade. We are happy to provide sample letters. This customer replied: “After all, I managed to get the patient record. Your letter helped me.

Customer opinion: "I am very satisfied."

As I said: after taking out BU insurance, our customer service doesn’t stop. This customer writes: “I am very satisfied and grateful for Mr. Helberg’s professional advice and support. I am regularly informed about changes and possible changes and always receive quick feedback if you have any questions. I can only recommend working with Mr. Helberg.

The customer writes: "Great advice on term life insurance"

This customer wrote to ProvenExpert in December: “Great advice on term life insurance until the conclusion of the insurance contract. Communication is possible both in person and online through a portal “.

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