Main residence: prepare your real estate project

Main residence: prepare your real estate project

A real estate project is always a great adventure that must be prepare.

Especially since owning your primary residence is the dream of many French.

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It is also a heritage goal very important in our country.

Rightly or wrongly, but that’s not today’s topic 🙂

Become an owner

In the beginning there is a desire

The desire to own and own one’s home is widespread.

And for good reason the stone reassures enormously because it is a tangible asset.

You can see a house, touch it and most of all live in it!

Unlike an action, for example, which is a resource but which remains more abstract.

It is this side physicist and the attachment we oweimmobile which is so successful.

In our societies, the real estate sector also has a connotation of blow.

Owning your own home is a symbol of social success.

In fact, being able to pay for your house shows that you have succeeded in life.

And therefore that we have a good position within the community.

These are two beliefs which are strongly anchored to our collective unconscious.

Next to them we can also find phrases that we hear just as often.

Like the fact that we pay the rent to lost funds when you are a tenant.

Or that owning your primary residence is a good way to get rich.

There is no shortage of examples and almost all of them go in the same direction.

One thing is certain real estate triggers passions in our country 🙂

All of these things lead us to you want to own of our primary residence.

That’s why we all think we are going on an adventure someday.

From that moment the ideas and real estate desires it will sprout in our head.

And then it will have free rein to flourish according to our desires and our projects …

A stable situation changes everything

It is often when the situations professional And family stabilize as we take the plunge.

It is really complicated project or to engage when the future is blurred and changing …

When you browse from CDD to CDD without knowing where the coveted CDI will be.

When you think about separating from your spouse or when you have just found love again.

The examples are endless but they help to capture the main idea.

Have visibility on these two important aspects of life it is reassuring and allows us to move forward.

the property prices it is also a barrier for first-time buyers (first purchase).

Because they must be able to finance the project with often limited financial means.

This makes many people doubt and pushes them to do so postpone their project immobile.

As a result, people buy their first property later and later.

Yet having a a stable situation allows dispel doubts strengthening certainties.

Everything inside limiting the risks financing and advance sale of your home.

When everything the signs are green we can finally get to the heart of the matter!

It’s possible to do it Before but we risk being disappointed and frustrated.

Especially if you can’t borrow because your income is insufficient.

Or that we get a permanent job 200 km away while we are chaining together fixed-term contracts.

And that we had just found the ideal accommodation for our current needs …

To avoid disappointment, it is therefore best to wait before preparing your project.

Then, when the situation is stable, it will be time to do it starts with no regrets 😉

Looking for the right property

There are three big steps during this great adventure.

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They can be performed in the order of this article or in any order.

It doesn’t matter because it’s up to you how You want to do 😉

A story of your choice …

Starting with the choice of the geographical area where we want to live.

In general it is the position of workplaces which dictates this preference.

But even this criterion, important as it is, does not have a monopoly …

There are also i personal beliefs or the location of the family who can play.

Not to mention the price of real estate in the region which can force you to leave.

Within each of the towns in this area, it will also be necessary to look neighborhoods.

They will be more or less restless or more or less close to the different services.

There is also age and building materials that can be taken into account.

Where is the type of buildings majority as buildings or pavilions.

This first choice is therefore very important because it must meet your criteria.

Or at least as much as possible if you have difficult requirements to meet.

And even if you don’t think about it yet, you must also do it consider resale.

Some places or things you like may not be suitable for most people.

So when you want to sell your future home, things will be more complicated.

You must therefore always keep this element in a good place in the corner of the head 😉

… then taste …

Your second choice will be the type of accommodation you wish to acquire.

Rather a new house with a large garden or an old villa with character.

Or an apartment in a small quiet condominium or in the city center.

We have a wide range of choices thanks to the diversity of properties in France.

There really is something for everyone, so you should find it what you want 🙂

At first we often wonder if we want to buy new or old.

This decision depends what do you like and stuff available in the area.

For example, it is rare to find new buildings in the urban centers of large cities.

While the former will be available in abundance and in different construction periods.

following city ​​profile your search will therefore be more or less easy or even impossible.

Depending on the family, geographical and financial conditions, the type of property will not be the same.

A young couple whoever starts in life can easily settle for one T2 oa study.

Whilea family with children will prefer if possible a home with garden.

Finally this is it On paper… because in reality things can be very different 😀

If you have the necessary budget you can choose what you want best dresses.

And also make changes to the housing to best suit your real estate project.

Why everything it can change or almost as long as you have the necessary money for jobs.

Otherwise you will have to sacrifice some of your criteria or make concessions.

… And finally the money

Then a financial simulation will allow you to discover yours borrowing capacity.

But also the amount of deadlines of the loan (s) as well as an idea of ​​the Rate it practice.

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This point is essential because it will allow you to refine your search and know your limits.

In some cases, you will therefore need to rethink your real estate project to match your skills.

The best way to get this information quickly is to go and see your banking advisor.

You can also find simulators on websites credit intermediaries.

But if your situation is out of the ordinary, it’s still best to contact your bank.

This first exchange between your real estate project and the banking world is a good start.

It will allow you to know the strengths and the weaknesses from Your profile of borrower.

You will then be able to better prepare your file by correcting its defects.

For example in increasing your intake through your savings or family donations.

Or do more pay attention to your budget avoidingbe exhibited every month

Thanks to these actions, you will be able to refine your file in the best possible way.

This will be all the more useful if you go through another bank or broker.

But you are not there yet in your project because you have to find the right accommodation first 😉

The continuation of the adventure

So all you need to do is find the property that’s what you want!

We agree that this is where the most coherent and the most exciting begins 🙂

You will do it now take the next step of your real estate project.

You will need to find out about the market in the area you are targeting.

So make some accommodation visits that might be right for you.

And you will surely end up finding your rare pearl 😉!

Then all you need to do is book this property real estate to make sure you have it.

Depending on what you have chosen, the sequence of events will not be the same.

Here is a small example for the 3 most frequent cases although there are others.

If you find inside the old you will have to sign the to promise and / or the compromise of sale.

As part of a new purchase in VEFA it will be there booking contract.

For a Earth naked there to promise and / or the compromise of the land and of the construction contract.

Note that if there is work it will be necessary to request descriptive quotes and estimates.

Time to get serious your financing 😉

We will cover this topic in the next article that will appear on the blog.

Do you have any tips for preparing your real estate project?


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