Lydia's new blog - Lydia

Lydia’s new blog – Lydia

Lydia changes her skin. It is a great innovation that we offer for a financial app.

We continue to offer you a unique experience, enlarged silver. Whatever you do.

This new version of Lydia is also a new vision of money for you.

Your money: what do you do with it

Starting today, opening Lydia means seeing your money. Not just looking at it through the count lines, nor the brightly colored pie charts. This is visualize its movement and enjoy it. It is being able to plan your future, both immediate and distant. It is being able to understand where your money went, where it came from. It’s being able to see, in less time than the blink of an eye, what you’ve done with it.

The new Lydia thinks about it your business : it is clear, it is refined. There are a transaction search function and a function that allows you to filter everything. To track all your business. No financial app to date offers you a history that goes back to the beginning of your business. Nor does it allow you to search for a transaction so precisely.

Your Money: Your Souvenir Factory

Have you become a Lydia? You shared something.

Have you paid for a restaurant? You had a good evening.

Have you paid for your sports season ticket? on a streaming platform? or even the electricity bill? You sweated, maybe cried. Lived, however.

Personalize every transaction performed. By writing the wording yourself. By adding a photo of the moment, a memory.

This way, and by opening the new Lydia, you will no longer open a manager. But a diary of your life and your desires. You see, really, how you used your money. You also have the option of adding a simple photo of the associated ticket to each expense. Practice.

Your money: yours and that of others

Lydia offers you the possibility, in addition to your account, to create accounts for two, accounts for several. Jackpot and piggy banks. This new tab “Accounts”., that’s all the money you have. What you can spend. Alone or with others. For you or for a gift. For now or for a project. To open it is a look in your portfolio.

Your money: your actions

Money isn’t just about transactions. The new Lydia delivers the human at the center of his concerns: you and us. Find in the“Information” tab. all information and communications necessary for an optimal experience of the new Lydia.

It is a unique design that we offer you today for your money management.

We hope you enjoy it. That will bring you so many pleasure in managing your money we have taken to design and develop it.

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