La carte Lydia, le moyen de paiement qui s'adapte à toutes les situations

Lydia card: one card, cards

You can do a lot of things with a credit card. Paying in the store, on the Internet, withdrawing from an ATM, taking a fingerprint for a restaurant reservation … You can also scrape the windshield to defrost it or, for the more experienced, open the door of the house that has just slammed with the keys on the lock.

In short, the question is not knowing what we can do about it but rather ” is this the best way? “. For the door and your windshield, we leave you alone to judge. For the rest, we have a solution to offer: the Lydia card.

Also, we are used to saying “the Lydia card”. But in the end it is a bit simplistic, because with this card we offer you a sort of ecosystem of complementary payment methods. As if your Lydia card could adapt to every situation and offer you the best payment option. Just like the Iron Man armor (version ending of the Avengers, the one with nanoparticles). But for a Visa card.

We don’t bet everything on the physical

We propose Lydia’s physical card, Certain. The classic. Ultra practical. Unavoidable. The concrete and tangible representation of your current account and at the same time of your money. We are definitely attached. And if you go around less and less with wads of cash, it’s always reassuring to have it in the back of your pocket or wallet, ready to be withdrawn when you need it.

And you can choose it blue or black, depending on your subscription, it will always be customizable. To register your beliefs. But above all efficient and practical: you can pay with all Visa merchants (all merchants, so to speak), withdraw from all ATMs and pay whatever you want online. A really good card, what.

But let’s keep the line

So you can pay online with it, of course. As with any other card. And safely. DSP2 security standard and strong authentication, Shall we. But it would almost be a shame. Because we have planned even better for you. His virtual counterpart: internet card.

Despite all the technological advances in safety, Online card fraud is on the rise. So much to use the great means. With Lydia’s Internet cards, you generate virtual cards – for free, in an instant, directly in the app – with a number different from that of your main card (the physical card). Next ? Then it’s easy: a simple copy / paste of the payment numbers from the card into the merchant module and that’s it.

This way, for both online payment and a subscription, you use an ephemeral card that self-destructs after payment or whenever you want. Has your internet card number been caught by unscrupulous scammers? A big problem: they won’t be able to do anything with the number of a card that no longer exists because you disintegrated it.

And what’s more, this doesn’t stop you from taking advantage of all the benefits of using your Lydia card: participation in Lydia roulette (a one in 1,000 chance to get your purchase refunded with each payment) or our automatic cashback program ( 6% of your purchase refunded on average, at a selection of brands). It may be virtual, but the benefits are very real.

Without hands!

Physical card for the real world, virtual cards for the Internet, we could have stopped here: the circle was complete. But if it’s simple, practical, reliable and brings you a real advantage, we don’t see why we should limit ourselves. So we also designed an immaterial map for the real world. “Dematerialized”, as they say. With contactless mobile payment.

Oh, we didn’t make it. No more than we invented technology NFC who brings this means of payment. On the other hand, we have made sure that it works with all smartphone models, with Lidia pays. It is 100% safe. And with no limit on the amount. At all merchants who have an adapted payment terminal.

For those who have forgotten their wallet (and therefore their card) at home. But above all for you. You who receive our emails and notifications. You to whom we praise the merits of our app, our current account and our card. You who decide to rely on us by subscribing to a Lydia Bleu or Lydia Noir subscription and who can therefore benefit immediately, setting up contactless payment in 2 minutes.

Subscribe to Lydia, it’s great! However, please wait 5 days to receive your card before you can use it! “Honestly, what would we be like?

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