L'investissement fractionné avec Lydia

Interval training isn’t just about running

Do you want to enter trading? Do you invest in the best companies in the world like Google, Amazon or Hermès? Problem: You don’t necessarily have to spend $ 1,000 to buy even one of their shares. We don’t think it’s a problem.

On the one hand, because with our trading service everyone can now invest in companies that look like them in 5 minutes, simply with their smartphone, without having to open a CTO or a PEA (are you curious about these acronyms? an article about this).

On the other hand, because investing in the stock market is no longer the case truly a question of money. Especially when you do it with Lydia.

The stock market for all budgets

Warning: Investing always carries the risk of a capital loss and it is VERY strongly advised not to invest more money than necessary. Power.

No, it’s just that contrary to popular belief, we believe that it is not necessary to invest large sums for trading to be interesting.

Investing 5, 10 or 50 € to start, to see if you like it and possibly earn enough to buy bread or a latte, is already very good. And thanks to fractional investments, it is possible.

Divided. Don’t burst

Those who have already invested in cryptocurrencies will not be surprised by the process: few of us can afford an entire Bitcoin, all at once (€ 36,000 per unit the same, at the time of writing these lines) and it has been quite normal for years to buy “a quarter of Bitcoin” or “€ 200 of Bitcoin”.

So, like in Lydia, we like it when it’s simple and practical – and when we also offer you cryptocurrencies – we wanted to guarantee you the same “tailor-made” and unconstrained experience for your investments in companies and ETFs. How ? We explain to you.

In collaboration with Bitpanda

Unlike buying “classic” stocks, when you invest in any of the more than 800 companies and other ETFs offered by our trading serviceyou do not buy shares or ETFs directly on the financial markets.

Invest in derivative contracts via our appthat is in goods previously purchased by our partner Bitpanda, which keeps them warm and safe with a custodian bank. So, we offer them to you individually or divided. “To the cut”, so to speak. Yes, like at the dairyman’s. Then you can invest the amount you want. Even a few euros, if that makes you happy.

And what changes?

For you, not much. The price of the shares is the same on the stock markets and on the apps and undergoes the same fluctuations: the fact of offering you fractions of shares does not change their value.

Then, you receive dividends (when the company pays them) up to your participation, like any shareholder.

In short, the derivative contracts we offer you are REAL investment products. With their advantages and their risks. It’s just a little bit easier for you.

After that, it is true that you will not be able to attend the shareholders’ meetings of the companies in your portfolio. If you had in mind to influence the decisions of Apple’s board of directors, that’s grateful. And you can’t even resell your assets directly on the stock exchange. To resell one of your investments, it is through the same channel (the application).

Otherwise, everything else is the same.

In fact, it’s even better. Since Bitpanda owns the assets we offer, you can invest whenever you want (evenings and weekends, 24/7) where you had to wait for the opening before the Wall Street stock exchange, for example.

We then take care of executing your orders at the price you have chosen, on site: if necessary, you can recover all or part of your investments and your earnings whenever you want.

Yes, indeed, it is much better.

Start trading with Lydia

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