How to protect your home from intrusion?  - The home blog

How to protect your home from intrusion? – The home blog

In 2020, break-in attempts registered by law enforcement agencies in France reached 500,000 in one year. Burglaries have an average of one theft every two minutes. Which is worrying. Consequently, protecting your home becomes a priority. Indeed, these figures do not improve for this year.

Whether your home is in a high-risk area or in a safe neighborhood, it’s always best to prevent dangers. As they say, forewarned is forewarned, you have to adopt high performance security systems in your home.

So how do you protect your home from intruders?

Use a remote monitoring alarm

Home security systems present themselves as permanent solutions to protect property and valuables in your home. Keep in mind that the remote monitoring alarm is one of them. By using this device, the damage that can be caused by criminals will be limited as much as possible in the event of an intrusion.

Furthermore, alarm systems are becoming more and more efficient as a result of technological revolutions. Therefore, the police will notify you immediately as soon as the device is activated.

Note that the latest innovations have made connected alarms available to consumers. These can be connected to your tablet or smartphone. In this way you will have permanent control of your home thanks to the notifications sent.

On the other hand, the simple fact of knowing that your home is equipped with a remote monitoring alarm will immediately scare away burglars. Your home will then be out of harm’s way. The subscription to this type of remote surveillance alarm is 350 euros per year. While the installation will cost you 100 euros.

Put the surveillance cameras

It’s not just companies that need surveillance cameras. It is true that this safety device is most used by companies and utilities to monitor large areas. However, more and more people are turning to surveillance cameras to protect their private property.

The first reason for its effectiveness is to dissuade thieves from entering the house simply by the presence of the device. Subsequently, if thieves break into your home and manage to seize your property, the presence of a camera will help in the investigation.

It will in fact be easy to know the identity of the criminals since the sharpness of the images is now infallible. In addition to catching thieves, you may be able to recover the items they have stolen.

Also, surveillance cameras currently have several options that may be useful to you. In fact, with a remote monitoring system, you can have a view of your property even if you are not there.

Note that this mechanism works like all connected objects that are connected to a tablet or smartphone.

The remote monitoring option also gives you the benefit of being able to monitor what your kids are doing. Indeed, in the absence of parents, it is possible that intruders attack them. With this device you can feel comfortable wherever you are.

Its price is between 10 and 3000 euros depending on its performance and integrated applications.

Install presence detectors

A motion detector it can also protect your home from intruders. Indeed, this device can be used as a surveillance tool in places not reached by surveillance cameras. The latter are better known in technical terms as the blind spot.

Having an unobstructed view, thieves will not dare to enter your domain. Note that these motion detectors can also be accompanied by lights. Therefore, they light up as soon as there is movement.

For the device to be effective, it must be placed in strategic locations. Also, you shouldn’t forget about frequent passage areas. Also, you have to put several to cover as much surface as possible.

Note that a motion detector with an LED light costs around 20 euros.

Use home automation

Once again, technology never ceases to amaze us with new inventions. Lately the home automation system has conquered more people thanks to its performance.

This system, in fact, consists in connecting the devices in your home to your Smartphone so that you can drive them remotely.

Thanks to a daily programmer, you can turn the light in your home on or off at certain times of the day. This is a way to simulate your presence even if you are not there.

It is also possible to close and open the shutters of your windows via your Smartphone. But the most impressive thing is that the distance that will be covered by the link is about 500 km.

The power plant Automation it has a price from 350 to 700 euros without the connectable equipment.

Use smart locks

With the revolution of technology and home automation, it is possible to connect your lock to your Smartphone. In addition to the security they provide, it is a means that will make your life easier.

With the acquisition of this tool, in fact, you will no longer have the problem of lost keys or worries about the intrusion of thieves.

By pressing your smartphone, you can open or close your doors remotely. As a result, your stress will lessen if you forget to close the door. Note that the mobile application that will allow the connection is called iOS / Android.

It is important to note that there are several accessory alternatives that come with the connected lock. By opting for a Linus connected padlock®, you can choose between different models according to your budget and your needs.

There are also models that allow you to open the door with an RFID badge, connected clock or remote control.

Also, it is best to opt for locks certified by the National Center for Prevention and Protection or CNPP. These will give you certainty about their performance against intrusions and digital attacks. The price of this device is between 100 and 500 euros.

Get the neighborhood involved

It’s not just security devices that protect your home from intruders. In fact, you can involve your neighbor.

To do this, you must first maintain a good relationship with them. That way, they can monitor your home for you when you’re on the go.

Aside from that, your neighbors can collect your mail while you are away. Indeed, the accumulating mail gives thieves a clue that you are away from home. This will encourage them to enter.

Also, be aware that several municipalities are currently offering called solidarity programs “Vigilant and supportive neighbors” that you can integrate. From then on, you can install signs or displays informing you of your participation in the program. This will dissuade thieves from attacking your area.

Furthermore, your neighbors will be able to intervene for you in the event of a possible intrusion.

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