How to intelligently manage your energy contracts?

Smartly managing your energy contracts will allow you to save energy on a daily basis: find all our tips here!

manage the home automation energy contract

Find the contract that best suits your needs

Determine your energy needs

Before find the energy contract that best suits your needs, it is important to determine them correctly. Several criteria let you know yours consumer profile :

  • the area of ​​your home ;
  • its isolation ;
  • the number of occupants ;
  • the energy you want to consume.

Knowing yours usual energy consumptionyou will also be able to determine your energy needs more quickly.

How to choose the right energy contract?

Once your consumer profile has been determined, all you need to do is compare different offers of electricity available on the market. Since 2007 the latter has opened up to competition, allowing many alternative suppliers to propose energy offers that are all more competitive than the others and respond to the different needs of families.

For compare these offersdo not hesitate to call the servicea good electricity comparator : This free online tool will save you precious time at the time you want. Compare the following:

  • the price per kWh ;
  • the price of the subscription ;
  • the proposed price ;
  • the origin of energy.

Also consider the customer service and the customer opinion left on the internet, to get an idea of ​​your future supplier!

How to stipulate an energy contract?

Once you have found the ideal contract, all you have to do is subscribe ! This last step is over in a few minutesonline or by phone by contacting the supplier’s customer service.

You will also need cancel your old contract before pulling out a new one, especially if you are relocating. This approach is freeand takes very little time.

Home automation: a tip for managing your energy contracts

What is home automation?

The Automation allows you to automate your daily actions, thanks to a set of automated management techniques. Allows you toimprove comfortthe safetyor the communication of your home.

Home automation allows you to simplify your lifetaking precedence over the repetitive tasks of your daily life, or the ones you forget to do, such as turning off the radiators when you go on vacation.

Home automation and energy: how does it work?

From an energy point of view, home automation is an excellent ally for individuals or companies that want to create energy savingAnd manage their energy contracts with greater precision.

On average, home automation would allow equipped people to get results between 25 and 30% energy saving on their heating, cons 10% in terms of electricity.

Thanks to home automation, it becomes easy to manage your energy contracts. For example, you can program the temperature of your heating according to the rooms in your home! L’Ademe recommends a lower temperature in the bedrooms, which significantly reduces the costs of your home and increases its comfort.

Even on weekends, you can manage the various equipment related to your energy expenditure, thanks to yours smartphone !

manage the energy subscription contract

Linky and the monitoring of your consumption

For manage your energy contractsit is important to regularly monitor your expenses: thanks to smart metershow Linky And Gazparit becomes easier to track your consumption.

In fact, thanks to the Linky meter, your consumption is checked regularlyand you canmake a power change or remote tariff option. You can also compare your consumption with those of your neighborhood, in order to adapt it to the temperatures.

Some tips to consume less

Manage his electrical contractit is also adopting some simple daily actions, which will allow you to reduce your energy costs. Turning off the lights when you leave a room, cooking with the lid on, unplugging the appliances when they are no longer needed, all these little tricks are particularly easy to implement and effective!

Thanks to home automation you can identify consumable items through your accommodation in order to aim for your savings. Do not hesitate to ventilate daily, in order to limit your heating costs, thanks to the renewal of the air.

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