How to get rid of bed bugs?  - The home blog

How to get rid of bed bugs? – The home blog

Bed bugs are one of the insects that invade our homes without us noticing. Sneaking into our bed at night, they feed on our blood. In addition to the bite marks they leave behind, the itching can be unbearable.

If you have the slightest suspicion of the presence of these parasites in your home, you need to act immediately. Only, you need to find effective ways to get rid of it forever.

So what are the tips for getting rid of bed bugs?

Description and characteristics of bed bugs

Before we talk about solutions to get rid of bed bugs, you need to know the characteristics and ways of working of bed bugs.

So, these are small bloodsucking insects, that is, they love fresh blood. Then they sneak into our bed while we are in Morpheus’ arms to feed on our blood.

It is important to note that it is not dirt that causes these insects to spread. They are in fact attracted to the heat and carbon dioxide that our body emits.

The intriguing thing about bed bugs is that they are able to anesthetize us so that we don’t feel their bites. That way they can eat as they please. In addition, these insects are extremely discreet. This is why it is difficult to spot them after their action.

Their size, which is between 4 and 7 mm, will further complicate the task.. Note that they can be red or brown.

After eating their fill, they look for interstices to lay eggs. They can then settle in furniture, in fabrics that we don’t use often and under the mattress. Note that a female can lay between 250 and 500 eggs. Since they know how to hide, it only takes a few weeks to invade your entire home.

Initially, the first bed bugs were discovered in ancient Egypt. Since that time, they have spread to the four corners of the globe. In France, their spread is estimated to range from 200 to 300% each year.

Consequences of bed bug bites

At first, bedbugs cause only a few bites, so we confuse them with fleas or mosquitoes. But as soon as the eggs hatch, they will operate as a colony.

Thereafter, the occupants of the house will observe more and more traces of bites. These will be accompanied by small traces of blood and small brown mounds ranging in size from 1 to 2 mm. Know that these are the droppings of these parasites. If they are white in color but the same size, it could be her eggs.

For sensitive people, bedbugs can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, the person can observe swelling and redness. Above all, they don’t choose where to attack. They can leave many traces on our face, arms and legs. Fortunately, no disease can be transmitted between humans and their little creatures.

However, bed bugs can cause psychological damage. Knowing that we are preyed upon by various harmful insects every night will disturb our minds. As a result, their presence will cause sleep disturbances. It can lead to insomnia.

Consequently, the resulting stress can also cause disturbances in our daily life. Indeed, it is very disturbing to know that they are there but that we cannot detect them even if we are looking for them. Also, regardless of whether your home is clean or not, you can still fall victim to these insects.

So, you need to take matters into your own hands and find ways to get rid of it as soon as possible. So you have the choice between natural methods and chemicals. Know that you can get close Proteggicasa to learn more about chemical treatment. Note that these two techniques can be as effective as the other.

Natural solutions to get rid of bed bugs

So that bedbugs you don’t have time to spread throughout the house, you need to act as soon as you suspect their presence. Here are some tips you can easily apply at home.

First, you need to use a vacuum cleaner to get them out of any gaps they might be hiding in. For this, you will start with your bedding and continue with the carpets and all the furniture in your home. Most importantly, you need to lift the baseboards as they can stay underneath. Even small cracks between the boards of your parquet floors can host them.

You then have to burn the bag of your vacuum cleaner to make sure there are none left. Also, you can throw it in an airtight bin that you will put outside the house.

After that, all household linen and all fabrics must be washed with water at a minimum temperature of 60 ° C. While the surfaces must be steam cleaned with a temperature between 110 and 180 ° C. This way the bedbugs and eggs will be killed immediately.

So you need to check if these pests have had time to tunnel into the woodworking of your furniture. If so, you need to pour boiling water over it to make sure there is none left.

Finally, you can use diatomaceous earth to get rid of it completely. It is in fact a powerful natural insecticide in the form of fossilized microalgae. By pouring a small amount of this soil on all the tracks where the bugs have been able to pass, in a few days you will cause their dehydration and their death.

Finally, do not hesitate to repeat the disinfection process several times. Remember that it only takes one egg to survive for your home to be invaded again after a few weeks.

Chemicals used against bed bugs

In case your home is heavily attacked by bed bugs, the natural method may not be enough. You can then continue with the chemicals. Keep in mind that the two methods can be complementary.

Only you must protect yourself with a mask and gloves during the sanitization operation. You can also seek professional help for handling the product as it can be dangerous to your health. So, don’t forget to keep your pets away so they don’t inhale the product.

Therefore, the chemical method will be carried out through two steps. The two interventions will be separated by two weeks. Eggs that may have hatched during this time will then be eliminated during the second application of the product.

About the techniques used for chemical treatment, professionals will realize steam cleaning and fumigation before spraying powerful insecticides. The service will cost you between 150 and 300 euros, depending on the extent of the contamination.

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