How to decorate a terrace with flowers?  - The home blog

How to decorate a terrace with flowers? – The home blog

Decorating your outdoor space with flowers is the best way to enjoy nature even for a house in the city center. The arrangement of the flowers depends on the surface of the terrace, the house and the sunlight.

Almost all types of flowers bloom in the spring period. But to give joy to our terrace, brightly colored flowers are proposed.

We have lily of the valley, Chinese azalea or Japanese quince. Contrary to popular belief, there are many snow-resistant flowers.

This is the case with camellias, winter jasmine or snowdrops. In the fall, although most flowers and trees lose their leaves, chrysanthemums, fall colchicums, and Chinese gentians resist.

And in summer, large-flowered purslane, nasturtium and ornamental tobacco promote heat. So, how to decorate our terrace with these flowers?

Fence of plants

If you have little space, it is better to opt for the vegetable claustra technique. It is a question of betting on verticality. You can use a ladder against the wall to climb climbing plants with light foliage.

A larger staircase can be used as an overhead partition to protect yourself from the sun. Using a large amount of green plants will totally disorient you.

Using hanging vases with colorful flowers on the facade will break up the green side a bit. You can use plastic pots for their light weight. But ideally, wooden or bamboo pots are best for aesthetics and root aeration.

The plant screen can be used as a room divider to protect you from the prying eyes of neighbors if you live in an apartment.

To give the plants vitality, the green wall must face the sunlight, but not too direct. Flowers like begonias and elf flowers need shade. The ladder can be replaced with fiberboard that can be purchased at home improvement stores.

Terrace with mini vegetable garden

To stand out from the terraces of your neighborhood, you can integrate a mini garden with flowers. Pots of small green plants can be alternated with flowerpots. Not only will they give varied colors, but they will also give off slightly more pronounced scents.

You can choose from basil, rosemary, mint or thyme. Please note that these aromatic plants cannot be put together, otherwise the flavors will be mixed.

The much sought-after harmony would turn into a bad smell. In fact, flowers have protective properties in a vegetable garden.

Take the example of the nasturtium. The latter protects the surrounding environment from the invasion of aphids. Other flowers such as lavender attract bees or other small insects necessary for pollination.

And finally, there is the calendula which strengthens the resistance of the plants that surround it at the time of strong thunderstorms or excessive watering. Adding a small strawberry plant will push you to a higher level in your composition.

In this case the terrace will be equipped with shelves where small round pots will be placed. You can alternate pots of different colors or different shapes. But beware, you should never mix the two.

Country style terrace

If the spirit you want to find on your terrace is country style, there are some details to respect. First of all, it is better to use solid wood for the realization of the covering. The terrace floor can be covered with a green imitation grass carpet.

This is intended to give the impression of being in an outdoor garden. The wooden crates can be used as flower pots or planters. For more ideas, you can go to the page:

Color your vases with different colors. This will increase your wonder when enjoying the sun on your terrace. Don’t hesitate to hang a bird cage or bohemian-style mirrors on the facade.

As for the flowers, blueberries, zinnias or mallows are best suited to our theme. If, on the other hand, you want to relax and take advantage of the shade during the summer, you can build a small bamboo and raffia shelter.

It will be decorated with poufs and armchairs in noble material to get even closer to nature. This outdoor furniture will allow you to rest in peace.

If the type of flowerpot you choose is metal, engraving the name of the flower will add style to your patio. Flowers such as roses, hydrangeas or irises are welcome to light up your terrace.

To have year-round blooms, it would be best to mix flowers from different seasons.

Modern terrace with garden furniture

Modern garden furniture is ideal for a terrace wide enough. Sunny days will invite you to have a cocktail or a snack with some delicacies in good company on your terrace.

Lavender can be erected high on the ends to attract bees and other insects for pollination. They help bring this beautiful place to life.

Large clay pots will occupy every corner of the terrace with shrubs such as Japanese maple or rock rose. Choosing amaryllis as a flower can make you happy, because it resists any type of climate and blooms all year round.

As for the atyrium, it is a cone-shaped flower. Its flowering season is in spring and summer. These flowers will be placed in smaller clay pots.

However, if there is still space to exploit, erecting a drinking fountain would be a good idea. It will bring freshness to your lush garden.

Scandinavian style terrace

Who says Scandinavian, says the modern and chic design. The colors used are white, gray and beige. The white stained wooden furniture will give a Scandinavian style. Some cushions in the colors of the theme can be scattered in a corner of the terrace, slightly raised and sheltered by an umbrella.

The type of plant suitable for this style is one with broad leaves such as magnolia or atyrium. Therefore, the cookware can be used in white-tinted zinc, marble-style stone or resin. To fill the space, porcelain or glass vases will accommodate stems of white flowers such as allamanda and alyssum.

Note that allamanda is of yellow origin, but white varieties have appeared in recent years. And finally, to bring an even more sparkling touch to our terrace, there are the LED lamps that we can use to illuminate the plants during our night evenings.

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