How to create a form for a SEPA direct debit mandate?

The SEPA Direct Debit Mandate form allows the lender to withdraw money from your account with your agreement. This warrant form can only be downloaded online, so we will walk you through all of these steps to guide you.

Do we remind you what SEPA Direct Debit is?

the Single area for payments in euros or more commonly called SEPA is a euro bank payment solution. The SEPA direct debit created since 2014 allows European countries to make payments in euros for everyone. The standardization of direct debit, which has become common today, has managed to offer a faster, less complicated and more secure solution.

The SEPA direct debit mandate has progressively replaced the direct debit authorization The SEPA direct debit must be sent directly to the service provider to be executed. This mandate consists of the RUM, the IBAN, the ICS and the BIC.

the BIC and theIBM from the bank details, replace the RIB. Then theICS is an identification code that facilitates the authorization of a company to carry out a direct debit on a debtor’s account. Finally, the RUM is a 35 character identifier for any money order form, there will be some kind of direct debit serial number.

The model form for a SEPA mandate (PDF):

Complete the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate form

To complete the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate form, there are several ways to do this.
The first step is to download the online form. Then the debtor can make a paper mandate which he will have to send to the creditor. Once the creditor has obtained the mandate, the information on the form must be sent to the debtor’s bank. The second way is that the debtor can also make an electronic direct debit or an electronic mandate. However, e-mandate is still very little used and not very common today. Unfortunately, not all banks have the E-mandate option.

Activate your SEPA direct debit mandate form

The purpose of the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate Form is for the creditor to obtain it and send the mandate to the bank as an XML file. The creditor sends the mandate, which has become an electronic data, to the banking system, which is then activated from the first confirmed payment. You should know that payment times are different depending on the type of transaction (2 days in the system B2Band 3 days in the system Nucleus).
Finally, the creditor has the power to withdraw the assets from the account as soon as the bank notifies him of this. The bank must inform the lender by message in case of problems.

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