how to calculate your bonus boost with Tucoenergie - Le Blog Maison

how to calculate your bonus boost with Tucoenergie – Le Blog Maison

To encourage energy redevelopment works, the government has put in place various aid and support systems.

There is in particular the Coup de Pouce bonus which concerns in particular the owners of diesel boilers who would like to replace it with an air / water heat pump.

TUCOENERGIE accompanies people who would like to benefit from this help and get work done!

The war on oil and coal equipment

By setting its heat boost bonus, the state intends to wage a real war against oil or coal-fired boilers.

Indeed, this equipment is considered to be very uneconomical, but also very uneconomical (owners of oil boilers have to pay ever higher prices to fill the tank every year).

Therefore, the installation of heating or hot water equipment powered by fuel oil or coal will no longer be possible from 1uh July 2022.

To go even further, it is the implementation of a help device called Bonus increase which was implemented to convince those who have this equipment to turn to a more ecological and economical solution.

What is the Coup de Pouce bonus?

With the Coup de Pouce bonus scheme, there are actually two possible bonuses that can be considered:

  • The bonus for warming up
  • The friendly hand bonus of isolation

The Coup de Pouce heating contribution concerns the installation of equipment such as:

  • An efficient biomass boiler
  • An air / water, water / water or hybrid heat pump
  • A combined solar system
  • Gas boiler with very high energy efficiency
  • A high-performance wood-burning appliance

The purpose of the Coup de Pouce isolation bonus is to support the financing of the insulation work of the floors, the roof and the floor.

This financial aid scheme has been available since 2019. It is aimed at all French households wishing to carry out energy improvement work.

They can be owners or tenants. Just request it. The premium can range from 100 to 4,000 euros depending on the type of work for low-income families. For the replacement of an oil boiler, you can receive 4,000 euros.

The prize amount can be paid directly to you by bank transfer or check. It can also be deducted directly from your heating bill or offered in the form of a voucher. The Coup de Pouce warm-up bonus can be combined with other financial schemes. Such is the case with Eco PTZ +MaprimeRenov or many others.

What are the advantages of replacing an oil boiler?

A household wishing to replace its oil boiler with equipment falling under the scheme can benefit from financial aid of up to 4,000 euros with the Coup de Pouce bonus, but also MaPrimeR√©nov ‘. It is therefore essential to properly complete your requests so that your project can return at the best price.

This bonus applies to all works to improve the energy performance of the house. By replacing your oil boiler, you can aspire to a little more energy savings. In addition, other heating systems available on the market are less dangerous.

Choose a more environmentally friendly and healthier heating system. Electric heating, for example, will be less polluting than fuel oil. It is therefore also a responsible approach.

However, you will keep your thermal comfort. Both stoves and heat pumps offer the same performance as fuel oil. The heat pump, for example, offers an efficiency rate of between 3 and 5.

Anyway, the French state aims to remove all oil-fired boilers from households at least by June 2022.

This also explains the bonuses and financial aid for carrying out ecological work. To be compliant, it is therefore necessary to choose another heating system. Do this preferably before the onset of winter to ensure your comfort.

TUCOENERGIE facilitates procedures and supports work

As soon as an energy redevelopment project is undertaken, it is not always easy to know what aid can be requested, how to request it, what the terms and conditions are, etc.

To answer all these questions, TUCOENERGIE supports its customers in their energy redevelopment project and also takes care of requests for help.

A family that wants to replace its diesel boiler can therefore contact TUCOENERGIE to benefit from a free energy study of the work that it would deem most appropriate.

Once the project has been validated, TUCOENERGIE takes care of the request for help, but also of the execution of the work with its qualified RGE professionals.

It is a real tailor-made and turnkey support that allows you to experience this project in a much more peaceful way, being accompanied and advised by specialists in the field. The opportunity to make the right choices and avoid unnecessary expenses.

TUCOENERGIE is the reference point for ecological renovation works. The company offers you upstream to simulate your project in detail in a few clicks on its platform.

This already allows for a feasibility study to be carried out. Depending on the size of your apartment or house, the type of heating system you want to have, your income and the number of inhabitants, TUCOENERGIE professionals can offer you various alternatives to heat you properly. This company is committed to providing clean energy in the future and maximum comfort.

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