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have you considered travel insurance?

The summer of 2022 promises to be quite hot given the temperatures this month of June. So obviously we are in a hurry to be able to go out in the sun, but this time on the beach by the sea, just to find some more breathable air. This year, best beach destinations it is once again on the edge of the Mediterranean.

For the Swiss, Mediterranean destinations are still very popular with Greece in 1st place and more particularly the Greek islands which are still as fascinating as ever. In 2nd place we find Spain with the island of Mallorca and its catamaran cruises or even going explore the streets of Barcelona. Then come Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, but also Portugal. So where did you book your summer vacation? Are you ready to go with your feet in the starting blocks?

Not far from wanting to ruin the start of your vacation, you’ve thought about it protect yourself with insurance travel ? Predicting means anticipating the fact that not everything will go as planned! With travel insurancein case of problems, you will quickly find the solution and you can leave with complete peace of mind!

Illness, hospitalization, medical repatriation, trip cancellation and assistance, we tell you everything!

Is your health insurance abroad sufficient?

In the introduction we mentioned the main destinations which, apart from Turkey, are all destinations in a state of the European Union. In the context of treatment abroad for Swiss policyholders, this distinction is important. Some long-haul destinations are very popular with the Swiss, such as Thailand, Mauritius, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and the Maldives. Of course, these destinations were outside the EU / EFTA. Therefore, your destination implies a difference in the treatment of treatment abroad.

Temporary stay in an EU / EFTA country

We recall that Switzerland is part of the EFTA (European Free Trade Association) with in particular Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Therefore, during a temporary stay in a EU / EFTA state, Swiss policyholders can benefit from medical treatment upon presentation of their EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). All advantages that are proven medically necessary in case of illness, accident or maternity may be covered to the same extent as the benefits governed by the law of the country where you are staying. This means that you participate in living medical expenses in the same way as a local resident. In return, you have access to public health facilities as a citizen of the country you are in, thus allowing you to be treated on the spot, without necessarily having to be evacuated.

This cost sharing paid in the EU / EFTA country in which you are staying will not be deducted from yours deductible and share of your KVG in Swiss. You will easily find your EHIC card on the back of your KVG insurance card.

Temporary stay abroad outside the EU / EFTA

Now, how about a stay outside the EU / EFTA? All the emergency medical care for illness or accident that cannot be carried out in Switzerland, due to a medically impossible repatriation, can be covered by the KVG. However, beware, only cover up to double the amount that would have been paid if the treatment had taken place in Switzerland is accepted by the KVG.

More specifically, your KVG insurer will have to pay 90% maximum of what the same treatment would have cost in Switzerland. Indeed, in the event of hospitalization in a general ward in Switzerland, the cantons bear 55% of the treatment costs. However, this is not the case with hospitalization abroad.

In the case of holidays in the United States, Canada, Australia, but also in some Asian states, such as Singapore, which has one of the best health systems in the world, but also one of the most expensive, this coverage doubles the salary, or 90% of the Swiss salary, it will not be not enough.

In some cases, it is strongly recommended take out travel insurance which, in its catalog of services, allows coverage of all medical expenses not covered by the KVG.

Another example of travel insurance benefits, if the medications you usually take are not available in your country of stay, your travel insurance will send them to you. Likewise, if you need a doctor on site, the transport costs are covered by the guarantees of this type of insurance. Transport costs are also covered, so that your relatives can visit you in case of hospitalization abroad.

Medical repatriationmedical transport abroad, rescue, costs not covered by the KVG they are generally covered by travel insurance.

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