Everything you need to know about mechanical breakdown coverage in auto insurance

Everything you need to know about mechanical breakdown coverage in auto insurance

mechanical failure guarantee

After an accident, you need to get your vehicles back in shape. But now you have to replace some parts and the repair costs are high. Fortunately, you have taken out the mechanical breakdown guarantee in your auto insurance. This lock is not yet well known to motorists, but it still promises greater safety. What is it actually used for and what parts and defects does it cover?

What is the guarantee of mechanical failure?

The mechanical breakdown guarantee is an option that you will find on most auto insurance contracts on the market. This option, being paid, is optional. As it is therefore not included in the basic formulas, motorists do not hear about it very often. However, if the vehicle is not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, this option will be very beneficial. Attention all the same, it is important to specify that this guarantee is not a service contract, much less a maintenance contract.

What does this insurance option cover?

With this option in your auto insurance contract, you can take advantage of coverage on some spare parts and even repair labor. The condition is that the failure of your vehicle is due to the unpredictable and not to normal wear and tear. Furthermore, all this must be regulated in the contract. So, in most cases, here are the supported errors:

  • Engine malfunction
  • Electrical or electronic fault
  • Injection or exhaust problems

When it comes to covered spare parts, most insurers are limited to basic parts:

  • Motor
  • Adapter
  • Bridge
  • Etc.

On the other hand, wear and tear spare parts will never be supported in this warranty: the brakes, the clutch …, suddenly you can buy the spare parts yourself for more information visit autoparts24.com.

Sign up for a mechanical breakdown guarantee: when?

You can take out a mechanical breakdown guarantee at any time. Although it is preferable to subscribe before the end of the manufacturer’s warranty. In fact, this guarantee is not immediately valid. The contract includes a waiting period for car insurance. Therefore, it may take 6 months or even a few years for it to take effect in the event of a claim. In practice what does this mean? If the manufacturer’s warranty is 2 years and the waiting time for the mechanical failure warranty is 12 months, sign up one year in advance so that the delivery is in the best conditions.

Insurance and technical breakdown: how it works

As soon as a mechanical breakdown is to be deplored, contact your insurer immediately. In this way you can immediately benefit from the advantages of this technical breakdown guarantee: roadside assistance if you are less than 50 km from your home, temporary replacement vehicle, replacement of spare parts, contact with authorized workshops. For information, a maximum compensation limit is specified in the contract.

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