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Car insurance in France with a foreign driving license: how to do it?

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Regardless of the type of vehicle you have, you won’t be able to drive on the roads if you don’t have auto insurance. For take out this insurance, it is necessary to bring several documents, including the driving license. If you have had a foreign driving license, some rules are worth seeing.

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Conditions for foreign licensed insurance

If you have obtained your driving license abroad, it remains valid on French territory. However, access to insurance largely depends on the country where the permit is validated. If you have passed the exam in EEE or “European Economic Area”, don’t worry, your driving license gives you access to car insurance like all French drivers. Please note that this offer is valid if you do not commitoffense. If the country where the license was acquired is not in the EEA, your license remains valid, but only for one year. This takes effect as soon as you have taken up residence in France.

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How to be insured with a foreign driving license?

To benefit from car insurance in France, you must first contact the foreign insurance company. You have to ask him to send you thecar insurance history while you were under contract. Your documents will be handed over to your new insurance company to analyze your conduct.

These are accidents and accidents of which you have been the victim or responsible. This will act as an insurance quote. If you are outside the EEA, the solution is take out temporary car insurance for one year. Then, you can request to change the foreign license for a French license.

Other ways to get auto insurance

If you can go without driving for a while, we recommend that you use that time to change your license. This will allow you to subscribe more easily without having to contact the foreign insurance company again. For this you need to create a exchange request with the prefecture of your department. In addition to the written request, you must also provide proof of marital status, a photocopy of the permit with translation into French and a residence permit if you are not European.

Please note that this is only allowed for drivers aged 18 and under. If no company wants to insure you, you can apply for civil liability insurance. The latter covers you against damage caused to third parties.

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