Boursorama Banque offers the Ultim Metal bank card

Boursorama Banque distinguished itself from the beginning with its offers at very low rates, with its Welcome card, its free Visa Ultim card and its Ultim Metal card, which earned it the title of “cheapest bank from over 13 years “. a ranking published in various magazines and web and print publications.

With 2 million customers in 2019, Boursorama hopes to reach 3 million customers by the end of 2021. With exciting new offerings such as Ultim Metal, Boursorama is expected to achieve its goal. Here, let’s see what this new product is about.


    1. Comparison of bank cards at Boursorama Banque
    2. Ultim Metal’s insurance offers
    3. Opening an Ultim Metal account at Boursorama Banque
    4. Conclusion

Comparison of bank cards at Boursorama Banque

Ultim Metal, Boursorama’s first paid card, is a first for online banking. Billed at € 9.90 / month, it includes the benefits included in the monthly subscription; That the free Welcome and Ultim versions offer a paid option.

Comparison of offers, depending on the Boursorama Banque account chosen:

Welcome Last Definitive metal
Visa card type classic First
Card price Free € 9.90 per month
Type of charge

Systematic authorization

Immediate debit

Immediate debit or

Deferred from € 1,500 net / month of revenue

Immediate debit or

Deferred from € 2,500 net / month of revenue

Minimum amount for the first payment

€ 50

€ 300

€ 500

Rate applied in the absence of at least 1 payment per month with a physical merchant

5 € / month

9 € / month

0 €

Foreign currency withdrawal fees

1 free / month,

So 1.69% of the amount of each withdrawal

3 free / month,

So 1.69% of the amount of each withdrawal

Withdrawals and payments in the euro area

Free and unlimited

Payments outside the euro area and around the world


Sending / Receiving of non-SEPA credit transfers

0,10% (minimum amount 20 €)


Withdrawal Limits 400 € / 7 days € 2.000 / 7 days € 3.000 / 7 days
Payment limits € 5,000 / month € 20,000 / month € 50,000 / month
Mobile payments:

Apple Pay – Google Pay – Samsung Pay – Fitbit Pay – Garmin Pay


Boursorama essential protection insurance € 0.99 per month (optional) € 0.99 per month (optional)


Boursorama Protection Premium Insurance € 4.99 per month (optional)


Ultim Metal is the bank card you need for those who often travel abroad (even in non-SEPA areas). While it shares the same benefits as the Visa Premier agreement with the free Ultim card, it has some additional benefits:

  • Essential Protection and Premium Protection and Smart Delay included in the monthly premium (details below),
  • Higher payment and withdrawal limits,
  • Free withdrawals in foreign currencies (without any limit),
  • Free for non-SEPA transfers (received and sent).

This card is perfect for people who travel a lot for business, or for regular trips for them, in the euro zone or abroad.

Ultim Metal’s insurance offers

The Visa Premium Guarantee

Receiving a card Visa Premier, they have a whole series of guarantees (premier visa insurance and assistance). And this can be very useful when traveling:

  • Reimbursement of expenses incurred in case of delay up to € 400,
  • Reimbursement of expenses for basic necessities in case of luggage delay up to € 400,
  • Compensation in case of loss, theft or damage to baggage during the journey up to € 800 per bag,
  • Civil liability abroad (maximum 1,525,000 euros), for material or physical damage caused to third parties and legal costs for the insured up to 10,000 euros,
  • Compensation for rental vehicles abroad in the event of theft or accident,
  • Compensation for travel canceled or interrupted for health reasons (maximum € 5,000 in each case),
  • “Snow and Mountain” coverage for any accident or damage related to mountain holidays in France,
  • Death guarantee (up to € 310,000 per family unit) or disability (up to € 46,000).

Boursorama protection

In addition to the insurance contract linked to your Visa Premier card, you benefit from 2 additional protections related to everyday life free of charge.

Boursorama Essential Protection in the event of loss or theft of means of payment, as well as your keys or identity documents (the amounts indicated are the maximum amounts paid):

  • € 800 per year in case of cash theft,
  • € 3,000 per year if fraudulent transactions are carried out as a result of the theft or loss of the card or checkbook,
  • € 300 per year in case of loss of keys,
  • € 300 per year to redo identity documents,
  • € 100 to replace the bag and / or wallet.

Boursorama Premium Protection for all your electronic devices and appliances (the amounts indicated are the maximum amounts paid):

  • Manufacturer’s warranty extended to 3 years, up to € 5,000. To repair, replace or compensate, on your devices under the age of 5,
  • € 400 reimbursed on your mobile phone in case of breakage or theft,
  • € 1,000 refunded on fraudulent communications,
  • € 15,000 in case of theft of your identity or damage to your reputation on the Internet.

Smart delay

If you travel frequently, you will appreciate the “Smart Delay” benefit that comes with your Ultim Metal subscription. If your flight is delayed by more than an hour, you can wait for free in one of the thousands of airport lounges in a hundred countries.

Opening an Ultim Metal account at Boursorama Banque

It only takes you a few minutes to open an account. And you can do it both from your mobile by downloading the application, and from your computer:

  • Fill out the opening form,
  • Sign your contract electronically,
  • Upload your supporting documents that you have already scanned, which will save you time at this stage: valid ID, proof of address, RIB from the other bank, original of your signature on a blank page, last tax notice if you want a deferred debit card,
  • Validate your account opening request by making a first payment (at least € 500). You will be able to access this amount once you have opened your account.

Once the account is opened, you can access the mobile application which gives you the advantage of allowing you to pay immediately, as soon as the account is opened. Before you even get your Ultim Metal card. This, thanks to the credit card included in the virtual wallet (only through Apple Pay and Google Pay).

Find out more about the Ultim Metal offer


Boursorama Banque is approved by the MFA and is therefore a bank that provides safe investment services. Its platform and banking services have received numerous trophies since its inception. So you can trust this facility.

Ultim Metal est peut-être une carte payante, mais si vous voyagez souvent, professionnellement ou pour le plaisir, ses programs de protection, ses plafonds plus élevés et la gratuité des opérations, en zone SEPA ou non, sont certiinement un atout à considérer pour you.

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