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Installing a veranda in your garden is a good idea. This can help increase the living area of ​​your home. This not only affects its value, but also the comfort it offers.

For an additional 10 m2, nowadays you have to invest between 23,000 and 34,000 euros on average. It all depends on the details of the construction of your conservatory.

Choose the right style to highlight the faversusade from your home

To start, know that the veranda is currently available in different styles:

  • The modern conservatory with a flat ceiling is a rigorous structure to say the least. It is ideal for creating a living room that is as aesthetic as it is elegant.
  • The glass veranda with the most classic and chic style. It is ideal for enjoying natural light indoors all year round.
  • The workshop veranda that can be the guarantee of a little more originality. It is also the ideal choice for a large veranda as elegant as it is practical.
  • The period veranda with its sloping ceiling. It is an ideal ally to bring modernity to the facade of an old house. It is as elegant as it is elegant.
  • The pool veranda to cover your outdoor pools and allow you to extend the bathing season all year round.

The materials available for the construction of a veranda

The construction of a veranda can be made with different materials. Obviously this will have an impact on the price, but also on the performance of the structure.

  • A aluminum veranda is the most classic outdoor design. It is both light and sturdy. This simplifies installation while ensuring good awning durability. Not to mention that aluminum offers a more modern and aesthetic look that fits all house facades.
  • If, on the other hand, you are on a tight budget, you can always turn to a PVC awning. Generally white in color, it comes in various forms. These structures can also be found on various French houses, including in particular old constructions. PVC can last for years to come. It is also easier to maintain.
  • For a more chic and rustic style, you also have the wooden veranda. Count the same in the 600-2,000 euros per m2 for this type of structure. It is one of the most expensive, however it offers more interesting insulation capabilities. Especially in winter, the wooden structure is able to retain heat better to ensure maximum comfort.

What permits are required for the construction of a veranda?

Building a conservatory means transforming the external appearance of your home. This requires the approval of the prefecture of your region. For spaces smaller than 20 square meters, a simple declaration of work will be more than enough. For any larger verandas, a building permit must be applied for.

In any case, it is necessary to respect the Town Planning Code for the installation of a veranda in your garden. From one region to another and depending on the neighborhood, certain materials or shapes may be prohibited.

It is also necessary to apply for the declaration of completion of the works. This is proof of the completion of your construction and the compliance of your facility. If not, the authorities may refuse to grant it to you.

An official declaration of the construction of a veranda implies the payment of a tax on this structure in the future. The latter is now a flat rate for swimming pools, garden sheds and vehicles.excursion. In Île-de-France, allow 870 euros per year and 767 euros in other regions.

The real realization of your veranda

  • To begin it will be necessary to take the measurements of the surface to be covered on the ground. This detail will also depend on the size of your awning and its price. The surface of your veranda should be a few centimeters larger than the opening you made in the wall. This will facilitate the installation of your structure.
  • So, you need to put the foundation of the structure in place. It will be necessary to pour the concrete 60 or 100 cm from the ground, along the perimeter of the structure. The depth of your foundation will depend on the nature of your soil.
  • Next, you will need to install the flooring for your porch. Preferably use a concrete base for added strength and comfort. Afterwards, you can always cover the floor with another covering: tiles, parquet, etc.
  • It is after these actions that we will proceed with the installation of the aluminum pillars that will support the glass plates. Proceed step by step using the fixing screws provided with the awning.
  • Once the walls are in place, you can also repair your porch roof. Proceed step by step starting from the lowest structures. Then, install the LED spotlights directly before lining the awning.
  • Finally, you can set up the glazing and opening systems for your veranda.

Some DIY Basics they are not sufficient to perform such an operation. In addition, we recommend that you contact professionals to carry out all construction work. This will also save you time. Experts guarantee good stability and robustness of the structure. They can also ensure the aesthetic appeal of your layout.

Electrical work in a conservatory

The electrical work is part of the finishing work of the conservatory construction. However, they should be done before the end of the project. As mentioned above, it is especially advisable to prepare the ceiling LED spotlights before covering it completely. This will give you a better chance of hiding wires and connections.

As for the electrical work inside, you can entrust it to an electrical expert. We speak in particular of the installation of sockets and switches or other electrical elements that can guarantee your comfort.

An electrician will know how to comply with the regulations in force. It will also ensure successful and aesthetic installations. Not to mention that asking for help from an expert prevents you from being electrocuted when doing this type of work.

The electrician can take care of the installation of the heating on the veranda from 40 to 150 euros on average. For general electrical work on your porch, count between 75 and 115 euros per m2 approximately. It also depends on your expectations and needs.

Service providers can offer you a tailored quote before any intervention to help you prepare well. You now have all the cards in hand to successfully build a veranda in your garden. It is a structure that should ideally be built before the summer to enjoy the beauty and freshness of your garden in total comfort during the warm season.

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