All the ecological products you need to clean your home - The Home Blog

All the ecological products you need to clean your home – The Home Blog

Our house needs daily maintenance to avoid unpleasant stains and dust. The quality of the products determines the success of the cleaning. However, most cleaning products contain toxic components. They are therefore dangerous for the environment. Knowing their impact, it is best to turn to environmentally friendly products. Not only are natural products affordable, but they can be just as effective as industrial products. They can also adapt to all types of surfaces. In this article, we discover the ecological products that will allow you to clean your home.

Natural anti-limescale products

White vinegar is a natural product always present in grandmother’s advice. If its reputation has spanned centuries from generation to generation, it is because it is effective. It is able to clean all surfaces. White vinegar is also a powerful product used against limescale. It is therefore perfect for cleaning accessories and bathroom fixtures.

As for its use, it is sufficient to spray a small amount on the surface to be cleaned using a spray. It is rinsed with plenty of water after letting it rest for a short moment of pause. For surfaces that contain stains, you can scrub with a sponge or slightly damp microfiber cloth.

As it is a powerful product, you can dilute it with water to avoid attacking sensitive surfaces. Know that you can use it as a natural disinfectant spray. In this case, for example, you can mix white vinegar with a citrus infusion. The latter will perfume your home.

The high content of citric acid with lemon allows it to be a natural descaling and sanitizing product. Eliminates traces of limescale in the kitchen and bathroom. Even grease stains on the stove will not resist the acidity of the lemon. In order for the product to cleanse in depth, it is possible to add coarse salt.

Natural products against bad odors

Baking soda finds its use in the bathroom. Mixed with hot water, it can descale the tub wall or the surface around the shower. You can also add shine to your tiles by cleaning them with this mixture.

As for bad smells, you will eliminate them by pouring a mixture into the sink or other pipes in the house. Note that this time the water must be boiling.

Baking soda eliminates unpleasant odors. It also allows you to eliminate clogs that build up in the pipes.

Coffee grounds have several virtues. It is a natural degreasing product. It also helps in unlocking the drains. By pouring them into the pipes, you will eliminate bad smells at the same time.

You can also put coffee grounds in flower pots to repel pests or ants.

The land of Sommières was born in the 19th century in the village of Sommières which is located near Montpellier. It is a natural descaling product based on clay. It is particularly effective in removing stains from fabrics such as wool, cotton or other lightweight materials.

Terre de Sommières is easy to use because you just need to pour the powder on the stain and let it act for a few moments. The powder will absorb the grease and neutralize bad smells. For persistent stains, leave the product to act for at least 2 hours quickly.

In addition to this dry cleaning, it is possible to mix Sommières earth with Marseille soap. You will get an even more effective stain remover soap. The kilo of this product costs around 6 euros.

Ecological disinfectant and perfumed products

Essential oils are renowned for fighting many insects. Your home will be spared from flies and pests by spraying a mixture of essential oil and white vinegar. They can also be used to track down mites. Eucalyptus and mint are the scents that are often used for this function.

As for the use, essential oils can be diffused or vaporized in the affected room. In this way, the room will benefit from the pleasant smell in addition to disinfection.

In addition to essential oils, you can use environmentally friendly cleaning products Maya. These have the advantage of being made with carefully selected natural ingredients and a flavor of your choice. A high quantity of active detergents and stain removers in their composition guarantees effective cleaning.

Natural degreasing products for deep cleaning

Marseille soap is not only used in the shower. It is also an eco-friendly cleaning product. This is explained by the presence of olive oil, sea salt and soda in its composition.

Its effectiveness is irreproachable whether it is used alone or with other components. It can actually be mixed with white vinegar and baking soda for a deep clean. To do this, you will dissolve the soap shavings with water. You just have to mix it with the other two ingredients to make a homemade detergent.

Black soap is also an effective disinfectant and degreaser. It allows you to thoroughly clean your home. Its dark color is due to the presence in its composition of olive oil and crushed black olives. These elements also ensure the elimination of fats.

As it is highly concentrated, a small dose is enough to make the sink or tiles shine. As for the application, it is recommended to use a tawashi sponge or a microfiber mop to exploit its virtues even more.

Black soap keeps even small insects away in the house. The miracle solution consists of one liter of hot water mixed with a spoonful of liquid black soap. Note that it can also be used on the leaves of your houseplants. Meudon white

Obtained from the gypsum of the Meudon quarries in the Ile de France region, Blanc de Meudon is a natural degreasing product. More, it does not contain any toxic components. This makes it ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as windows. To prepare it, simply dissolve it in water to obtain a homogeneous solution.

Soda crystals consist of salt and gypsum. It is a natural product that is used to polish kitchen utensils in addition to cleaning them effectively. You just need a spoonful of these crystals mixed with hot water to make an eco-friendly dish soap.

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