All our tips for a successful move in 7 steps - Le Blog Maison

All our tips for a successful move in 7 steps – Le Blog Maison

Moving is an important step in the life of a family. It can very quickly become a headache without a well-organized schedule. It is therefore necessary to prepare well so as not to be buried under a lot of clutter. Keep in mind that if you are not smart, you can lose the boxes once you arrive in your new home.

In addition, you also have to choose between renting a vehicle or calling a moving company. If you want to make your move a success, follow all the tips we offer you in this article.

Plan your move in advance

The first step in a successful move is managing the administrative formalities. First of all, you need to plan the date of your move. Thereafter, you will continue to terminate the lease of your old accommodation.

To do this it is necessary to contact the owner to see together the details of the tender, then the various contracts such as telephone, mail, internet, insurance and energy.

Please note that the aforementioned contracts must not be canceled but transferred to your new accommodation. Above all, don’t forget to specify that the transfer must take place on the day of your move. Otherwise, you will be deprived of all the comforts of your daily life.

Estimate the volume to be moved

Before choosing between a moving company and a car rental, you need to measure the volume of your belongings to be moved. You may be surprised at the amount of things you have around the house. Objects can build up very quickly after years of installation in a home.

To help you get the correct measurement, you can try using the online tools. Keep in mind that there are several sites on the go that offer an estimate of the volume to move, in just a few clicks.

This method consists of making a virtual visit to a classic house. During the latter, you will make the selection of the furniture you have in the house.

This way you will have a fairly accurate total volume. Only, you have to plan for a surplus of volume to prepare for the unexpected.

Identify the places

After estimating the volume, you need to scout the location to properly prepare for the move. This is a way that will let you know the move you need.

With a not very large volume and a short distance to travel, you can simply get help from your close friends or family. If not, you need to call a moving company.

You must therefore consider the travel time between the two accommodations. If you live in an apartment, it is necessary to study the passage of heavy and bulky objects, especially if there are more floors to go down. In case they don’t pass in the elevator, you have to go up the stairs.

You also need to anticipate where the truck will park. If you don’t have enough space in front of the house, you must ask your town hall for a parking permit.

Get help from a moving company

Call a REMOVAL company it will lift you from an immense burden. Being a professional, his agents will be able to effectively accompany you throughout the process of your move.

However, it is recommended that you inquire with multiple companies at the same time. In fact, the price may differ from one company to another. The variation will be made based on the region, the volume of boxes to be moved and the distance to be covered.

When making your quote, don’t hesitate to ask for details of their service. Some in fact only offer transport while others offer you the choice between different formulas with various services.

You can also rely on word of mouth to find a reliable mover. You can also request the possession of an “NF service” label if you want to be sure of the quality of the services offered by the company. So make sure you have the assistance you will need to not get a nasty surprise on D-Day.

After making the choice, the company must carry out an on-site visit in order to evaluate the necessary logistics. At the same time, you will be able to evaluate the conditions of access to your accommodation. He will also be able to anticipate the dismantling of furniture and identify any difficulties he may encounter.

For your part, you need to make a list of all your items, especially fragile ones. In this way you can be compensated in case of loss or breakage.

Plan the packaging

Organize the packing it is an important step because it is the moment in which you will influence the transport of all your objects. It is therefore necessary to supply solid boxes and above all of different sizes and volumes. Note that you can buy it at your local supermarket. This will save you an additional expense.

You should also add packing rolls and wedges so that your fragile items are well protected. Above all, don’t forget the tape and cords to quickly close your boxes.

Sort the items

Packaging all items will take a long time, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead. To start, you have to order. This will allow you to throw away all the things you no longer need and keep only the essentials. You can also sell or give them as you wish.

As for the timing, fragile items and those that will not be used until departure can be packed up to one month in advance. This will reduce the volume of work that awaits you a few days before the big day.

Besides that, you have to separate the items according to their category of value and fragility. Articles of the same category must therefore be entered in the same box.

Keep in mind that valuables are your responsibility even if your move is organized by professionals. This is to reduce the temptation to steal.

In addition, it is recommended that the boxes be labeled so that you can easily organize storage in the moving truck. Knowing what’s in each box will also make unpacking easier once it arrives in your new home.

Prepare a box of basic necessities

We know moving is stressful, so you don’t have to cancel everything on the spot. You must therefore prepare a box of basic necessities to avoid this task.

It should contain essential items that you will need on the first night in your new accommodation.

You must then set aside food for the evening and the next morning, a change of clothes and toiletries. If you think you don’t have time to put up your bed, you need to provide an air mattress and sleeping bags.

Afterwards, you will have plenty of time to do the set-up in complete tranquility.

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