All about the Hello One credit card

All about the Hello One credit card

The digitization of banking services has brought numerous benefits for all online banking customers for over 15 years: independent account management, fewer (or no more) trips to branches, optimized user experience, reduced bank costs, faster execution banking services, etc. At the bank Hello! , all existing offers and services aim to facilitate each customer’s user experience. Open an account with Hello bank! brings many advantages including the multitude of banking services / offers, as well as several very advantageous bank cards. Focus on one of online banking’s flagship offers – everything you need to know about the Hello One credit card before opening an account.


    1. The new Hello One offer from the Hello!
    2. The credit card associated with the Hello One offer
    3. Conditions relating to payments and withdrawals
    4. Current account management with the Hello One formula

The new Hello One offer from the Hello!

The multitude of offers is one of the criteria for choosing a bank, digital or traditional. Previously, only one banking offer was available at Hello bank! . This required a minimum monthly income of 1000 euros to have a bank account in the establishment. Furthermore, the functioning of some banks is still based on this principle. But currently, this online bank offers its customers two distinct offers: Hello One (free) and Hello Prime (premium).

Hello One is accessible to all French residents of age to manage a bank account. This feature of the offer is an advantage for students and all those who do not have a fixed income (it is without income conditions).

Finally, the Hello One offer also allows you to receive (when active) a welcome bonus that will be paid under certain conditions and offered only to new customers when they first open a current account (To find out if there is a current account offered , go to comparative table of the New Savings).

The credit card associated with the Hello One offer


Hello bank! has not yet done without the GIE Carte Bleue. The latter’s logo is still displayed on the new Hello One card. Being compatible with the Visa network, this card is suitable for travelers. The cardholder can use it securely at around 31 million merchants worldwide. It is one of the fast and secure means of payment. Your Hello One card also allows you to withdraw from 1.4 million compatible ATMs worldwide.

In addition to being a Visa card, the Hello One bank card is also an instant debit card. It is also a card with systematic authorization. Therefore, every transaction is always preceded by a balance request. Therefore, insufficient balance leads directly to the rejection of a transaction. The overdraft is not accepted. It is a good alternative to monitor the status of your account and take the necessary measures. Like the Hello Prime offer, Hello One does not allow deferred billing.

Conditions relating to payments and withdrawals

Please note that it is possible to make a mobile payment. The first option is to register the credit card on the Smartphone. Therefore, you are using a mobile payment app or service to make purchases. Apple Pay is a highly sought-after transaction and a Hello! has this technology. If not, customers can use another mobile solution, Paylib. The principle of operation remains the same as for Apple Pay. In any case, there is no limit on the amount, so you are free to make many purchases.

If not, the same Hello One bank card allows you to make a contactless payment. This option is ideal for paying for small purchases.

The payment limit

As in all banks, there is always a ceiling that limits payment and withdrawal. However, this cap differs for each offer and for each bank card drawn. For the Hello One offer and credit card, the payment limit is 1000 euros. For all types of offers and bank cards, however, the ceilings are always defined on 30 consecutive days.

The withdrawal limit

The withdrawal limit also changes depending on the offer and the card drawn. For the Hello One credit card, the withdrawal limit is 400 euros. This ceiling is defined over 7 consecutive days.

Foreign transactions

To satisfy customers who tend to travel, Hello bank! it has reduced the costs of transactions carried out abroad.

Thus, with the Hello One credit card, the costs of withdrawals abroad are free as long as the withdrawal takes place from the ATMs of the BNP network. However, withdrawals are charged 1 euro in the Global Alliance network.

As for payments, these are free and unlimited. You can pay on your travels, anywhere in the world, with peace of mind (beware, however, of the exceptional additional costs that some merchants may have to incur).

The cost of the Hello One credit card

The Hello One credit card is free, as is the associated bank account. This is an important detail when choosing your offer, your credit card and even your bank.

Please note that the Hello One card is only attached to the Hello One individual account offer and Hello One Duo. The latter concerns the opening of a joint account.

Current account management with the Hello One formula

With the Hello One offer, the user can monitor the balance in real time. All transactions (payments, withdrawals, wire transfers) can be monitored from the personal space of the owner. The interface is both ergonomic and welcoming to facilitate the user experience.

To fund the Hello One checking account, the holder can access ATMs to deposit checks or cash. Also, like other online banks, Hello bank! allows the deposit of cash in the ATMs of BNP Paribas banks.

Managing a bank account can run into some problems, hence the importance of effective customer support. As a result, Hello One has competent and helpful customer service with good quality of support.

In short, the Hello One formula offers a current account to which a bank card is associated. Its greatest asset is the absence of fees and conditions. This credit card will be of great help to you if you are planning to travel abroad. Being an instant debit Visa card, it also helps facilitate the management of your bank account.

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