5 tips to save when you are in RSA

If you are an RSA beneficiary, there are several ways to save money and optimize your purchasing power.

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Today the Active Solidarity Income (RSA) is set at a monthly amount of 575.72 euros, often insufficient to cover all monthly expenses. Do you want to adopt new ways to save money? Several solutions can be established to facilitate your daily life.

Managing the budget: adapting to the RSA

Active Solidarity Income (RSA) is dedicated to destitute families to cover their daily costs. If you would like to know your rights to this help, you can do a RSA simulation.

As part of your financial management, the budget allows you to identify your expenses, control and classify them, so as to perceive gaps and defects. You will also have the opportunity to set up new tools, facilitating the organization of your financing.

A digital platform to manage your expenses

To improve the organization of your financing, you can download an invoice management platform. Just fill in your monthly bills, relating to electricity, telephone, insurance, etc., to better structure your expenses.

This assistance device allows you to calculate your annual costs, in particular through subscriptions, which allow you to regularize and update your contact details.

The apps can also connect to your bank account, to give you concrete information about your data and charges. A summary can be sent to you in real time, with the aim of helping you to better distribute your expenses.

At the same time, you will also be able to identify any amounts to be reduced or eliminated. If you have difficulty organizing your end of the month, this will allow you to realize all your projects!

Budget management notebooks

In addition to applications, you can also use a budget management notebook. It will allow you to establish your financial situation on a monthly basis and to indicate in advance the monthly budget you wish to set yourself on.

Writing down your goals on paper tends to motivate you more to save money. You can also go back to the budget of the previous months and establish the amount of the next one, based on the expenses you deem unnecessary.

The different requests for housing assistance

As a general rule, the amount of RSA is insufficient to cover your monthly expenses. If you find yourself in this situation, it is possible that you will receive additional help.


The National Agency for Housing Information (ADIL)

The department’s ADIL takes the form of a government association. Its mission is to inform French citizens about their rights to housing, regardless of whether it is a rental or a property. You can request assistance in finding a home at a reduced cost.

Other help for your accommodation

You can also request an energy check, dedicated to low-income families. The payment of this aid can be made every year between the months of March and April and according to the personal situation of the family. Its amount ranges from € 48 to € 277.

Finally, you can also apply for an exemption from the audiovisual tax. If your tax reference number is 0, you are eligible for this solution.

Take advantage of the RSA leisure offers

On a tight budget, it is often difficult to enjoy certain hobbies. For this you can be granted various aids, so as to facilitate your daily life.

Municipal activities

Depending on the region you are in, you can for example ask for exemption from enrollment in municipal libraries, knowing that they are generally free.

At the same time, you can also find out from your city the program of activities (fireworks on July 14, Easter egg hunt) which is planned for the year.

Help for leisure CAF

The Caisse des Allocations Familiales (CAF) may also grant you aid for recreational activities, depending on your region. This funding generally comes in the form of vacation vouchers, family allowances for children or season tickets to sports centers.

Electric help

In addition to housing aid, you may also be eligible for certain schemes, which cover electricity costs.

Energy control

This was particularly the case with the EDF social tariff, now replaced by the energy voucher.

This system supports low-income families and also takes into account RSA beneficiaries. It guarantees you a fixed reduction on all your electricity bills. To benefit from it, the conditions of assignment are essentially based on your income and your accommodation.

Termination of your Internet box

At the same time, you can also save on electricity by canceling your Internet box subscription. While this is a must, you can opt for 100 to 200GB plans, which are much cheaper than the price of the box. Using internet connection sharing, this solution will provide you with a mobile plan, suitable for both your phone and your computer.

In addition, some offers or promotions will allow you to save even more and end the month without too many problems.

Save on shopping

Finally, when it comes to spending, this is usually the second highest amount for household expenses. This is also the area where savings are most easily achievable.

Discount coupons and promotional offers

You can then benefit from discount coupons and promotional offers, available online, for example through cashback sites. With these devices you can reduce your expenses and make your purchases online.

This is especially the case with the iGraal or Shopmium platform, which allow you to save. As a rule, these digital alternatives offer unique products and services.

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You can also use discount codes to shop through apps like Deliveroo or Uber Eats. These codes can be found on various online sites. Other anti-waste apps, such as Too Good To Go, can also be used to purchase large quantities of food at low prices. Developed during childbirth, these applications have grown over time and are an essential tool for young people, but also for RSA beneficiaries.

Plan ahead

When it comes to organizing your shopping, you can also set a schedule at the beginning of each month. By keeping a monthly budget, you will be able to adopt a financial strategy, corresponding to your income.

To comply with this amount, you can withdraw the necessary money to meet the planned expenses.

If necessary, you can also prioritize shopping at a solidarity grocery store. It is a local business, dedicated to people with modest incomes. The products sold are generally at low prices, to facilitate their purchases. At the same time, market outlets can also be favored, rather than supermarkets, so as to benefit from bargain prices.

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