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14 examples of the best showcase sites

Currently, there are more than 200 million active websites Worldwide. For yours to stand out, you need to take inspiration from the best showcase sites!

Whether you’re missing ideas or looking for new trends for a client, here are 14 examples of showcase sites to find inspiration!

What is a successful showcase site?

On average, a showcase site contains 3 to 6 pages that present the company, its business, its values, its products or services. A successful showcase site also contains advice and support for your potential customers.

Typically, this type of website also highlights the right information about your business – your value offer, your achievements, and even testimonials. The visitor who browses you must quickly identify your experience and know if it meets his needs.

From a technical point of view the best showcase sites are responsive, with fast loading times and offer smooth navigation. Plus, an attractive design is the key to instilling trust in leads. Therefore, it is not recommended to use stock photos. Authentic visuals are more effective at engaging visitors and increasing conversion.

Finally, a successful showcase site offers clear calls to action and easy ways to contact the company.

Want to know what the best showcase site looks like by type of business? Discover now 14 examples of successful showcase sites!

3 examples of showcase sites of large companies

Whatever the sector of activity, a showcase site allows a company to guarantee its online presence, demonstrate its skills and communicate its values. As we will see in these 3 examples …


Aganasoft is a digital company specializing in cybersecurity and consulting on networks and telecommunications. Its showcase site perfectly brings together the essential elements that every visitor should know about their services.

In just 2 clicks you can discover the history of the company and the services it offers. Its sleek and fluid design makes it easy to navigate and allows visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for. This also has the advantage of reducing page load times.

Calls to action are spread across the home page to allow a potential customer to learn more about the offers or contact the company. At the end of the page is Aganasoft’s physical address and a Google Maps navigation map.

Renault Group

Renault Group

The group Renault has a showcase site that, in addition to presenting the company, includes links to their other websites.

The site, created with the WordPress CMS, presents the latest information on the group’s news, as well as the evolution, in real time, of the company’s stock market shares. All Renault’s commitments are easily identified on the showcase website.

The interface is minimalist, fluid and simple to use. Visitors can easily move from one section to another and better understand the values ​​of the Renault group.

The Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney

Created with WordPress, the example of the showcase site of disney waltz It’s very interesting. It offers a clean design, focused on the visual aspect. In addition, the photos are of excellent quality, authentic and immerse us directly in the universe of the group.

Very little text is used on the home page. The interface facilitates direct access to information with cards referring to social commitments or company news.

Just like Renault, the home page displays the share price on the stock market.

3 examples of showcase sites for independent professions

We have selected the 3 best showcase sites for freelancers, including the essential best practices for advertising your services.

Plural & Singular

Plural & singular

Plural & Singular is the seat of a psychotherapy practice based in Châtillon-sur-Seine. It brings together all the important information the patient needs, including opening hours and the different practices offered.

What’s interesting about this showcase site example is the “Testimonials” section. It is not always easy to inspire confidence as an independent professional. So the use of social proof, thanks to the opinions and testimonies of previous clients, is very relevant.

Finally, the last important point: the call-to-action “Make an appointment”, visible in the center of the home page. An effective technique for converting visitors quickly.

Flora Violeteau Yoga

Flora Violeteau

The showcase site of the yoga coach Flora Violeteau is created with Wix. Very modern, the design is minimalist and slightly colored, to inspire fullness. The visitor is greeted with a full-page image referring to the practice of yoga. He immediately understands where he is stepping!

Navigation is facilitated by visible and segmented headings according to the needs of each.

Social media buttons are visible and easy to access at the top of the page. In addition, they follow the visitor on all pages of the site.


Quetzal Coach

Quetzal coach is another example of a successful showcase site by an independent professional. In a more classic design, it clearly displays the information visitors might need.

A carousel welcomes Internet users. This includes beautiful photos and the different services offered by the coach. Furthermore, a visible and intuitive menu allows the visitor to know the prices, the areas of intervention and the testimonies of previous customers.

At the bottom of the page, the site presents a call to action that invites the user to contact the coach, by email or phone.

3 examples of showcase sites for artists and creators

For artists, creators or photographers, the showcase site acts as a portfolio and point of contact. He must therefore present his works, tell experiences and highlight the artist’s path.

Maud Dardeau

Maud Dardeau

Let’s start with the example of the tattoo artist’s showcase site Maud Dardeau. Upon arrival on the home page, the visitor can contemplate a gallery presenting his creations.

An “About” section traces the artist’s journey and another announces the events he will participate in during the year. A Google Maps map directs anyone who wants to get a tattoo on Maud’s premises.

An e-mail address is also available to make an appointment and the mandatory elements to mention in the message. The customer also has an average response time.

Daniele Aristizabal

Daniele Aristizabal

Daniele Aristizabal is a designer. And this is clearly reflected on its showcase site! Visitors are greeted by an interface created with original and unique animations, which show the creator’s graphic and colorful universe.

The menu is minimalist with only two links: one that leads to an “About” page where Daniel’s presentation is located and the Contact page. After all, internet users have 2 other links that direct them to the designer’s Instagram and Behance accounts.

Group of elephants


The audiovisual production group, Group of elephants, chose a full page design for her showcase site, which has been quite successful! Right from the home page, the visitor is captured by high-quality images showing the company’s latest productions, in a carousel format.

A sidebar provides quick access to group information, results and news.

This very professional design is an example to follow for all companies whose graphics are at the heart of their business.

2 examples of restaurant showcase sites

Looking for examples of the best restaurant showcase sites? Discover these two websites that combine practicality, modernity and ergonomics!

The Green Burger Factory

The green burger

What distinguishes the showcase site The Green Burger Factory, is that it presents all the important information at the entrance to the homepage. The header provides opening hours and days, as well as a phone number for placing orders.

The visitor can consult the menu or book a table as soon as he arrives on the site. This information is listed at the bottom of the page with the restaurant’s physical address as a bonus.

Note that the photos are extremely gourmet and that they perfectly enhance the burgers offered by the brand.

Mother’s children

Mom's son

The showcase site of the restaurant chain Mother’s children combines simplicity and aesthetics. The drawing made up of drawings immerses the visitor in the infantile universe of the sign.

The latter, moreover, from the home page can view the nearest establishment and access all the necessary information: address, opening hours, menus, etc.

The site also traces the history of the brand and presents the 3 “boys” at the origin of the concept, which allows to humanize the restaurant.

The best showcase sites

All industries combined, here is our top 3 of the best examples of showcase sites!

Jung Hoe


The UI / UX designer Jung Hoe offers its visitors an attractive and modern showcase site that demonstrates the creativity of the freelancer. A colorful animation welcomes the internet user on the home page, in order to capture his attention and encourage him to learn more … Furthermore, the various pages of the site all use yellow animations, to ensure the coherence of the design, as beyond to the professionalism of the designer.

The visitor can easily obtain more information about Jung Hoe and his work thanks to a simplified and fluid navigation.



If the example of the showcase site of the non-profit organization heroines it is one of the best, thanks to a high quality interface. In addition to unique, inclusive and authentic photos, the design promotes the association’s commitments and missions.

The visitor easily understands the purpose of the organization and how to help by making a donation or becoming a member.

Mikaela Ruben

Mikaela Ruben

Mikaela Ruben is a nutritionist coach. His showcase site welcomes the visitor with a video of him collecting vegetables in his garden. In addition, the coach prefers to communicate visually on the site about him. The latter includes few texts. Above all, Mikaela offers unique and original photos, which underline her commitment to healthier nutrition.

Also, if we cited this example as one of the best showcase sites, it is also for the “recipes” part. The trainer not only sells his services, but also offers recipes and advice accessible to all visitors to the site.

Our advice

The showcase site guarantees your online presence, helping you convert potential customers and convince potential buyers. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can use these examples … or hire a freelance webmaster on the encoder !

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