10 options for introducing natural stone to your home - The Home Blog

10 options for introducing natural stone to your home – The Home Blog

Natural stone is not only used for the construction of ancient buildings. It also fits perfectly into a contemporary style home.

Sometimes this material is considered “cold”. However, it must be used with a lot of technique to embellish each piece and make it unique.

In addition, natural stone does not require a lot of maintenance as well as being easy to clean. It can therefore be considered as a top-of-the-range material capable of offering a particular prestige inside a home.

See in this article the 10 options for introducing natural stone into our interiors.

Cover the bathroom floor

Natural stone can have a multitude of shades and textures. It is also a versatile material that can be in the form of cladding, paving, travertine or tile blocks.

However, natural stone is so durable that it can withstand exposure to water and various cosmetic products.

Therefore, it is perfect for covering the bathroom floor. It can also be used to make the tray for a shower enclosure.

Also, you can create a true work of art by mixing the size and patterns of your rock. However, care must be taken so that the whole creates a relaxing atmosphere. This is also the spirit that must reign in this room.

Use natural stone for sanitary ware

Sometimes elegance comes from simplicity. This is exactly what the natural stone evokes when used on the elements present in the bathroom.

Know that it is possible to opt for a series of natural stone sink accessories to have a refined style. It will consist of a cup, a soap dish, a toothbrush holder and a liquid soap dispenser.

The washbasin and the washbasin top can also be made of natural stone. Take marble, which is particularly recommended as it is not slippery in addition to being modern.

Build stylish living room walls out of natural stone

Natural stone walls can give a special touch to interior decoration. When this material is introduced into the living room, the charm is all the more accentuated. The warmth it brings goes hand in hand with exceptional architectural beauty.

For example, you can use granite which is a textured stone. It will be perfect for a classic style living room. Instead, through a white stone wall you will get a minimalist style.

Embellish the bottom of a staircase

The staircase can be used to add style to a home. The bottom brings an original touch by opting for natural stone.

As for the finish, it is better to give it a glossy shade. In fact, the latter will have a flashy effect that will catch the eye of the visitors.

Furthermore, the elegance will be increased tenfold when the steps of the staircase are also made of natural stone. However, it is better to choose a rough texture to ensure the safety of the inhabitants.

By introducing spotlights on the ceiling or under each step, you will have a house worthy of a palace.

Choose a natural stone fireplace

Since natural stone is a sturdy material, it can be used to make a fireplace. Generally they are the traditional wood-burning fireplaces covered with stone.

However, new generations of fireplaces can also adopt it.

Take the example of a built-in fireplace. Whether closed or open, natural stone is able to offer a contemporary design.

In this case, the stone will be used as a frame. Natural stone can be used both inside the fireplace and outside.

Instead, an ancient castle style will be obtained, placing the entire body of the fireplace in stone.

Cover the backsplash of a kitchen

Natural stone also finds its use in the kitchen. The latter, in fact, is one of the humid rooms in the house.

Its walls are also prone to soiling from food or dish soap. That is why natural stone finds its place there because it is easy to clean. In addition to the practical side, this material offers architectural designs when opting for the blend of textures.

Use natural stone on a kitchen countertop

The work plan in a kitchen it needs a material that is not sensitive to scratches or stains caused by food dyes or greasy products.

Natural stone is therefore more suitable for this surface because it is robust and insensitive to scratches.

On the color side it is possible to find natural stone which has an intense tone. Indeed, it must be able to withstand any situation.

Outline an entrance with natural stone

Generally an entrance opens directly onto the living room. In order to delimit this space it is possible to delimit the floor with natural stone tiles. In this way, the style of the interior decoration can be detected from the front door.

The delimitation will be all the more marked if the two spaces are separated by some steps which will also be made of natural stone.

You can also play with the color of the floor. The living room can be parquet in dark shades. The floor of the entrance will instead be of a light color. The latter, in fact, will clean up this small space.

Mix natural stone and parquet in a dining room

Combining natural stone with another material seems impractical. However, it can give a great effect with good cohesion.

In this way, it is possible to create a mat made up of stone tiles that will be surrounded by strips of parquet. In this case, the carpet-shaped part will house the table and chairs.

The association can also be achieved by composing a natural stone wall and a parquet strip floor. This style tends more to a rustic and at the same time warm side.

As for the color, the difference is always with the contrast option. However, those who are a follower of minimalism can adopt a light tone on both surfaces. The distinction will therefore be on the plot of each.

Make a natural stone headboard

As incredible as it may seem, natural stone can be brought into a bedroom. It is a coating capable of giving a contemporary style to the room. To do this, it is advisable to opt for the coverings to be aligned in staggered rows.

Normally, the stone wall and surface should be easily differentiated by their color.

Since the bedroom is supposed to be restful, it is better to choose a shade of colors rather than contrasting shades. As for their texture, you should opt for a wall with a glossy finish. On the other hand, the headboard should have a rough texture.

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